Dr Linda Neilson

Linda Nielson

Professor Emerita, 2017 – Retired July 1, 2016

B.A., LL.B. (University of New Brunswick), Ph.D. (Law, University of London, L.S.E.)

Linda C. Neilson, Professor Emerita, is a socio-law academic. Her fields include domestic violence, court systems, conflict resolution, family law and sociology of law. Her research with P. English produced a national certification process for mediators. Recent major works include, on behalf of the National Judicial Institute, three editions of a peer- reviewed bench book for Canadian judges on domestic violence and family law, and a comprehensive e-book for lawyers, mediators, and service providers on the same topic published by the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII). She serves regularly on government committees as a policy consultant and is associated with the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research.

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Dr Linda Neilson

Office: Tilley Hall, Room 20
Phone: (506) 453-4849

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