Dr Hugh Lautard

Hugh LautardProfessor - Retired
BA, MA (University of New Brunswick), PhD (University of British Columbia)

Dr Lautard’s research is in the areas of ethnicity and occupations. He has examined occupational segregation and inequality among ethnic groups in Canada, including Aboriginal, charter and entrance groups as well as visible and other minorities; as indicators of whether Canada's increasingly pluralistic society provides opportunities for equal participation by members of its constituent groups. As well, he has studied and reported demographic and socio-economic conditions among the Aboriginal Peoples of the Atlantic Provinces.

Selected Publications

  • Lautard, H. and Guppy, N. 2014.  "Multiculturalism or vertical mosaic? Occupational stratification among Canadian ethnic groups," Chapter 12 in Robert J. Brym (ed.) Society in Question, 7th edition. Toronto: Nelson
  • Lautard, H and Guppy, N. (2001). Ethnic inequality in Canada. In R. Brym (Ed.) Society in question, 3rd ed, Toronto: Thompson Nelson.
  • Lautard, H. (1999). Revisiting the vertical mosaic. In P.S. Li (Ed.) Race and ethnic relations in Canada, 2nd ed, Toronto: Oxford University Press, pp. 219-252


Contact Information:

Dr Hugh Lautard

Office: Tilley Hall, Room 20
Phone: (506) 453-4849