Dr Jacqueline Low

Jacqueline LowProfessor
B.A., M.A. (Concordia University), Ph.D. (McMaster University)

Jacqueline Low has been a member of the sociology faculty at UNB since July 1st 2001. Prior to her appointment at UNB, she served as a lecturer in Health Studies at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. Her areas of research specialization include the sociology of health, illness, and health care, in particular chronic illness, disability, and alternative and complementary therapies; deviant behaviour; and qualitative research methods. She currently teaches introductory sociology, sociology of the body, the institution of health care, and health care in international context; as well as a graduate seminar in qualitative methods.

Selected Publications:

  • Low, J. (2008). Structure, agency, and social reality in Blumerian symbolic interactionism: The influence of Georg Simmel. Symbolic Interaction, 31(3):325-343.
  • Low, J. and Thériault, L. (2008). Health promotion policy in Canada: Lessons forgotten, lessons still to learn. Health Promotion International, 23:200-206.
  • Low, J. (2007). Unstructured interviews and health research. In Saks, M. and Allsop, J. (Eds.) Researching Health, Sage Publications, Pp. 74-91.
  • Low, J. and Murray, K. (2006). Lay acquiescence to medical dominance: Reflections on the active citizenship thesis. Social Theory and Health, 4(2):109-127.
  • Low, J. (2006). Communication problems between researchers and informants with speech difficulties: Methodological and analytic issues. Field Methods, 18(2):153-171.
  • Low, J. (2005). Avoiding the other: A technique of stigma management among people who use alternative therapies. In D. Pawluch, W. Shaffir, and C. Miall (Eds.) Doing Ethnography: Researching Everyday Life, Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press.
  • Low, J. (2004). Using alternative therapies: A qualitative analysis. Toronto: Canadian Scholars’ Press.
  • Low, J. (2004) Managing safety and risk: The experiences of people with Parkinson’s disease who use alternative and complementary therapies. Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of Health, Illness and Medicine, 8(4):445-463.
  • Low, J. (1999). The concept of hardiness: Persistent problems, persistent appeal. Holistic Nursing Practice, 13(3):20-24.
  • Low, J. (1996). Negotiating identities, negotiating environments: An interpretation of the experiences of students with disabilities. Disability and Society, 11(2):235-248.


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Dr Jacqueline Low

Office: Carleton Hall, Room 132
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