Dr Jennie Hornosty

Jennie HornostyProfessor - Retired
PhD (York University), MA (Dalhousie University), BA (University of California at Berkeley)

As well as teaching in sociology, Jennie Hornosty is involved with the women’s studies programme. Her current teaching interests are in health and illness, sociological theory, and the sociology of women and gender. Most of her recent research has been on wife abuse in farm and rural communities, specifically to understand structural barriers which create obstacles for women naming abuse and leaving abusive relationship. Currently with co-investigator Dr. Deborah Doherty, she is exploring the links between firearms, family violence and animal abuse in rural areas. In both teaching and research, she is committed to feminist and critical perspectives.

Selected Publications

  • Hornosty, J. and Doherty, D. (2004) “Resistance and change: Building a framework for helping abused rural women,” in Beyond Geographical and Disciplinary Boundaries. Human Services in Rural Canada (edited by B. Cheers, R. Clews, A. Powers and L. Carawan), Rural Social Work, 9:106–117.
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  • Hornosty, J. and Doherty, D. (2003) “Responding to wife abuse in farm and rural Communities: Searching for solutions that work,” in R.Blake and A. Nurse (Eds). The trajectories of rural life: New perspectives on rural Canada. Regina: Canadian Plains Research Centre and the Saskatchewan Institute of Public Policy.
  • Hornosty, J. (2000) “Academic freedom in social context,” in S. Kahn and D. Pavlich (Eds) Academic freedom and the inclusive university. British Columbia: University of British Columbia Press.
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  • Hornosty, J. (1984). “The church in Latin America turns left: Recent developments and implications.” The Midwest Quarterly (A Journal of Contemporary Thought), XXV(3):310-324.


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Dr Jennie Hornosty

Office: Tilley Hall, Room 20
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