Dr. Catherine Holtmann

catherine holtmannDirector of the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research

Associate Professor

BA (Winnipeg), MDiv (Toronto), MA, PhD (UNB)

Cathy is the Director of the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research and is currently a member of the Religion and Violence as well as the Violence against Immigrant and Visible Minority Women research teams at the Centre.  Her research focuses on gender and religion, domestic violence, immigrant women, and social action.  She is the lead investigator for the SSHRC-funded AfterGrad NB project team which is exploring barriers to post-secondary education for high school graduates.  She utilizes both quantitative and qualitative methods in her research.  Cathy has taught undergraduate courses for over fifteen years and has helped to develop a variety of online teaching resources.

Selected Publications

  • Wood, S., Olson, M., Cruickshank, B., and Holtmann, C. (2017). AfterGrad NB: Responding to Youth Outmigration through Postsecondary Education. Antistasis 7(1) 132-142.
  • Holtmann, C. and Thériault, L. (2017). Coming and Going: The Impacts of Precarious Employment and Non-citizenship on Immigrant In- and Out-Migration in New Brunswick. International Journal of Migration and Border Studies 3(1) 98-112.
  • Holtmann, C. (2016). Women seeking safety: Nonviolent responses to intimate partner violence. In H. Eaton and L.M. Levesque, (eds.) Advancing Nonviolence and Social Transformation: New Perspectives on Nonviolence Theories, Pp. 188-200. London, UK, Equinox Publishing.
  • Holtmann, C. (2016). Christian and Muslim Immigrant Women in the Canadian Maritimes: Considering their Strengths and Vulnerabilities in Responding to Domestic Violence. Studies in Religion Sciences Religieuses.  DOI: 10.1177/0008429816643115
  • Holtmann, C. and Nason-Clark, N. (2016). Picturing Religious Diversity: Active Learning Pedagogy and Visual Methods. Bulletin for the Study of Religion 45(1):27-32.
  • McMullin, S., Nason-Clark, N., Fisher-Townsend, B., & Holtmann, C. (2015). When Violence Hits the Religious Home: Raising Awareness about Domestic Violence in Seminaries and amongst Religious Leaders, Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling 69(2) 113–124.
  • Holtmann, C. and Nason-Clark, N. (2015). Reconfiguring Stained Glass: Visual Methods and Research on Religion and Domestic Violence.  In R. Williams, ed. Seeing Religion: Toward a Visual Sociology of Religion.  Pp. 174-191.  New York, Routledge.
  • Holtmann, C. (2015).  Women, sex and the Catholic church: The implications of domestic violence on reproductive choiceIn P. Dickey Young, T. Trothen and H. Shipley, eds. Religion and Sexuality: Diversity and the Limits of Tolerance. Pp. 141-164. Vancouver, BC: UBC Press.
  • Holtmann, C., & Tramonte, L. (2014). Tracking the Emotional Cost of Immigration: Ethno-Religious Differences and Women’s Mental Health, Journal of International Migration and Integration. 15(4): 633-654.
  • Nason-Clark, N., Fisher-Townsend, B., McMullin, S., & Holtmann, C. (2014). Family Violence in Canada, Family Violence from a Global Perspective: A Strengths-Based Approach, Assay, S., DeFrain, J., Metzger, M. & Moyer, B., eds. Pp. 182-199. Los Angeles, CA: SAGE Publications.
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  • Holtmann, C. (2013). From the top: What does it mean when Catholic bishops speak out on issues of family violence? Strengthening Families and Ending Abuse: Churches and Their Leaders Look to the Future, Nason-Clark, N., Fisher-Townsend, B., & Fahlberg, V. eds. Pp. 139-159. Eugene, OR, Wipf & Stock.

Supervision Areas

sociology of religion; gender; immigrants; domestic or intimate partner violence; mixed methods research; research using qualitative or quantitative methods; visual sociology

Please contact me to discuss possible supervision for undergraduate, MA, and PhD research projects.

Office: Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre

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