amanda slaunwhiteDr. Amanda K. Slaunwhite

Post-Doctoral Fellow 

 BA (Dalhousie), MPl. (Queen’s), PhD (University of Victoria)

 Amanda Slaunwhite is an NBHRF-funded Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Department of Sociology where she leads a research program focused on using administrative health data to better understand access and use of mental health care services in Atlantic Canada. Amanda’s is a highly interdisciplinary researcher with training and experience completing research in the fields of health geography, and urban and regional planning. Amanda contributes to projects that use both quantitative and qualitative data to understand methods for mitigating barriers to treatment for persons with mental health and addictions issues with a particular focus on children, youth, rural communities, caregivers, and populations with comorbid mental health and substance use issues.

Amanda’s current research program focuses on several projects that will measure time and space variations in mental health-related hospitalizations among youth, as well as a study that will evaluate the impact of rural hospital closures on access to care for patients in New Brunswick.

 Selected Publications:

  • Slaunwhite, A.K., Macdonald, S. (2015). Primary health care utilization for alcohol-attributed diseases in British Columbia Canada 2001–2011. BMC Family Practice, 16(1), 34.
  • Slaunwhite, A.K., Macdonald, S. (2015). Alcohol, Isolation and Access to Treatment: Family Physician Experiences of Alcohol Consumption and Access to Health Care in Rural British Columbia. Journal of Rural Health. (in press).
  • Slaunwhite, A.K. (2015). Development of a community index of alcohol-related harm for British Columbia, Canada. Applied Geography. 62, 267-275.
  • Slaunwhite, A.K. (2015). The Role of Income and Gender in Predicting Barriers to Mental Health Care in Canada. Community Mental Health Journal. (in press)

Contact Information:

Dr Amanda Slaunwhite