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James DunbarJames Dunbar

Master's Thesis
I Do?:  Timing of Marriage and Common Law Unions After Experiencing Family Disruption.  Practices and Opinions of Canadian Youth




Shona NewtonShona Newton

Master's Thesis
Advocating for Choice:  A Feminist Constructionist Analysis of Pro-Choice Claims Making





Hassan ArifHassan Arif

Doctoral Dissertation
The Metropolitan Problem in Greater Saint John






Current Graduate Students

  • Jake Arbuckle, PhD Candidate, The Intersection of Religion and Immigration.
  • Kathryn Asher, PhD Candidate, Sociology of Diet, life-style movements, analysing campaigns to promote vegetarian diet, health and wellbeing.
  • Shaun Bartone, PhD Candidate, Environmental sociology; urban planning; social theory; gender; and mental health.
  • Alekhya Das, PhD Candidate, WJanice Noelomen's health-seeking behavior, gender and health, south Asia, and marginalized populations.
  • Reyhaneh Golestani, PhD Candidate, Women and Gender, and the Gender Inequalities.
  • Willa Greythorn, MA Candidate, Family Violence, Secondary Victimization, Power and Control, and Non-verbal Communication.
  • Frank Lavandier, PhD Candidate, Victimization:  the relationship between First Nations communities and police.
  • Gloria Nickerson, PhD Candidate, Multimedia studies and communications.   To explore the dynamic nature of qualitative sociology with a fusion of media, photography and visual theory.
  • Susan Nunn, PhD Candidate, Childhood corporal punishment and it's links to increased dependency on approval in intimate relationships.
  • Stephanie Peterson, PhD Candidate, Social Equity and Diversity
  • Duncan Philpot, PhD Candidate, Social theory, media and communications, and online vigilantism, social media and protest.
  • Ian Rice, PhD Candidate, Foster care and social policy.
  • Brandi-Lee Riddoch, MA Candidate,Social Networks and Social Activism associated with the Innovative Organisational Model of Food Banks Found in New Brunswick.
  • Anthony Roberts, PhD Candidate, Sex and sexuality, gender, technology and the intersection with the body, identity.
  • Jolyne Roy, PhD Candidate, Morbidity, mortality, and the social eterminants of health in relation to population aging.
  • Amy Savile, PhD Candidate, First generation immigrants who live in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and their use of social media and social networking to enhance their cultural identity.
  • Nathan Thompson, PhD Candidate, Construction of on-line sexualities.
  • Lisa Thomson, PhD Candidate, Women’s health studies.
  • Jamie Willar, MA Candidate, Hegemonic masculinity and plural masculinities in the role of help-seeking behaviour in men.
  • Laura Winters, PhD Candidate, The sex trade in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador.
  • Kyle Zelmer, PhD Candidate: Environmental sociology, consumerism, food consumption, social status, identity.

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