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Kathryn AsherKathryn Asher

Doctoral Dissertation
Is the perfect the enemy of the good?  The role of dietary choices, perceptions, and experiences in meat consumption patterns in the U.S.




Brandi Riddoch

Master's Thesis
"it's not easy to ask for food" Stigmatizing Attitudes and the Community Food Centre:  A New Brunswick Case Study





Kyle Zelmer

Doctoral Dissertation
Green Foods:  Consumer Culture, Risk and Marketing






Current Graduate Students

  • Jake Arbuckle, PhD Candidate, The Intersection of Religion and Immigration.
  • Mary Aspinall, PhD Candidate, Therapeutic jurisprudence and legal responses to intimate partner violence.
  • Shaun Bartone, PhD Candidate, Environmental sociology; urban planning; social theory; gender; and mental health.
  • Alekhya Das, PhD Candidate, WJanice Noelomen's health-seeking behavior, gender and health, south Asia, and marginalized populations.
  • Reyhaneh Golestani, PhD Candidate, Women and Gender, and the Gender Inequalities.
  • Willa Greythorn, MA Candidate, Family Violence, Secondary Victimization, Power and Control, and Non-verbal Communication.
  • Frank Lavandier, PhD Candidate, Victimization:  the relationship between First Nations communities and police.
  • Gloria Nickerson, PhD Candidate, Multimedia studies and communications.   To explore the dynamic nature of qualitative sociology with a fusion of media, photography and visual theory.
  • Susan Nunn, PhD Candidate, Childhood corporal punishment and it's links to increased dependency on approval in intimate relationships.
  • Stephanie Peterson, PhD Candidate, Social Equity and Diversity
  • Duncan Philpot, PhD Candidate, Social theory, media and communications, and online vigilantism, social media and protest.
  • Ian Rice, PhD Candidate, Foster care and social policy.
  • Anthony Roberts, PhD Candidate, Sex and sexuality, gender, technology and the intersection with the body, identity.
  • Jolyne Roy, PhD Candidate, Morbidity, mortality, and the social eterminants of health in relation to population aging.
  • Amy Savile, PhD Candidate, First generation immigrants who live in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and their use of social media and social networking to enhance their cultural identity.
  • Nathan Thompson, PhD Candidate, Construction of on-line sexualities.
  • Lisa Thomson, PhD Candidate, Women’s health studies.
  • Jamie Willar, MA Candidate, Hegemonic masculinity and plural masculinities in the role of help-seeking behaviour in men.
  • Laura Winters, PhD Candidate, The sex trade in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador.

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