Honours & Awards

Selected Enteries for our Sociology Faculty, Honorary Research Associates, and Adjunct Professors


  • Luc Theriault is a member of a research team that has just been awarded $418K by SSHRC for a project over five years.  The project is entitled "Perceptions of Change in Atlantic Canadian Cities". The P.I. is Dr Howard Ramos of Dalhousie University.


  • Luc Theriault is a co-investigator in a new SSHRC-funded ($198,300 over 3 years) project led by Jean-Marc Fontan of UQAM that will be investigating the activities of Foundations in Canada from a social innovation perspective.
  • Dr. Maria Costanza Torri is one of the recipients of the Taiwan Fellowship for 2014, established by Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Altogether, there are 81 recipients of the 2014 Fellowship, who hail from 35 countries.  Dr. Torri will conduct research at the Institute of Sociology at the Academia Sinica in Taipei and will investigate the uses and perceptions of Traditional Chinese Medicine for reproductive health among local women in Taipei.

  • Nancy Nason-Clark will serve as Acting Director of the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research beginning July 1st.
  • We are pleased to welcome Paul Peters our newest Canada Research Chair shared with Economics. Paul is a Canada Research Chair in Population Health Inequalities, funded by CIHR, and will use spatial methods to investigate inequalitites in health determinants, health service delivery, and health outcomes.  This research will assist in the development of evidence-based approaches to health care policies and the provision of health services in Canada and the Maritimes.  As part of his CRC, Paul has also received a CFI grant for $73,496 over five years for increasing capacity for record linkage within the NB-IRDT and for spatial analytics.


  • We are pleased to announce that Vanda Rideout has been awarded a prestigious $142,371 Social Sciences and Humanities Insight Grant (SSHRC) Digital Economy Insight Grant to support her three year project entitled: Measuring high-tech digital skilled workers in New Brunswick’s ICT sector.
  • Congratulations to Jacqueline Low, Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard, Michael Haan, and Luc Theriault who have been awarded a $15,000 operating grant from The New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF) to support their research on the home support needs of New Brunswick Seniors classes as alternate Level care Patients.
  • Congratulations to Costanza Torri who, along with principal investigator Luiza Schwarz (University of Campina Grande, Brazil ) and co-investigator Sandra Breux (INRS) Montreal, has received  a grant from CnPQ (National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development) in Brazil in the amount of $35,000US to support a project aimed at exploring the ways to improve community health in the local slums in the city of Cajazeiras (State of Parana).
  • Congratulations to Nancy Nason-Clark who has been named a University Research Scholar.


  • Congratulations to Dale Ballucci was awarded a $32,700 SSRCH Insight Development Grant to support her project "New Brunswick's Prolific Offenders: An investigation of PROS, the RCMP's prolific offenders database." 
  • We are proud to announce that Lanette Ruff, a former Sociology Doctoral Student & Post Doctoral fellow has been awarded the 2011/2012 faculty of arts teaching award for Contract Academic Employees.
  • Congratulations to Constanza Torri who, along with co-applicants Dr. Koumari Mitra and Dr. Julie Laplante, have been awarded $ 169,166 in SSHRC Insight Grant Funding for their project entitled: Exploring the interlinkages between informal gender entrepreneurship economy, local knowledge systems in traditional medicine and urban development in Indonesia


  • Please join us in congratulating Michael Haan, and Ted McDonald on being awarded a grant of $553,088 from the Regional Development Corporation to help establish the New Brunswick Institute for Health Policy. The funding provides the needed complement to initiate an earlier CFI grant written by Ted and Nicole Letourneau to establish the institute. The funding package totals $921,812 over four years, and the institute will open in 2012 and be co-directed by Ted McDonald and Michael Haan. Congratulations also to Andy Scott who was a big help in getting this grant.
  • The Australian Law Reform Commission and the New South Wales Law Reform Commission have recommended to the federal government the development of a national bench book for use throughout Australia using Linda C. Neilson Domestic Violence and Family Law in Canada: A Handbook for Judges (2009) as the model. See: Australia Law Reform Commission and New South Wales Law Reform Commission (2010) Family Violence - A National Legal Response (ALRC Report 114) (Australian Government) pages 1466 to 1469.
  • Congratulations to Linda C. Neilson who has been named a University Research Scholar.


  • Warm congratulations to Hugh Lautard who has been awarded the President's Medal for his commitment to students and significant service to the University of New Brunswick over his career.
  • Co-applicants Jacqueline Low and Luc Thériault, along with partners Wendy McLeod MacKnight and Andre Lepine of the Department of Social Development, Government of New Brunswick, and collaborators, Deborah van den Hoonaard and Marcus Hollander, have been awarded a $25, 000 New Brunswick Health Research Foundation Seed Grant to support their research project: Sustainable Home Support for Seniors in New Brunswick: Insights from the Experiences of Seniors and Social Workers. The the overall goal of this project is to provide knowledge aimed at developing evidence-based policy for sustainable home support for seniors in New Brunswick.
  • Congratulations to Gayle MacDonald who as co-investigator on a Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) shares with Principal Investigator Barbara Patterson a $324,304.00 grant to support the project Promising Practices in the Engagement of  People Living with or at-risk for HIV/AIDS in Rural Canada.
  • Congratulation to Nancy Nason-Clark and Catherine Holtmann who have been awarded a UNB Teaching and Learning Grant of $3500 to study inovative teaching methods.
  • Working with Lori Beaman, principal investigator and former UNB graduate student, Nancy Nason-Clark is a co-leader of the gender and sexuality strand of a prestigous MCRI/SSHRC 2.5 million award for the 2010-2017 project: Religious Diversity and Its Limits: Moving Beyond Tolerance and Accommodation."
  • Congratulations to Honorary Research Associate Robert Stebbins Elected Senior Fellow, The World Leisure Academy, 2010.
  • Luc Thériault is a Collaborator on the successful SSHRC-CURA application made by principal investigator John Anderson of the Canadian Co-operative Association. The $1 million award supports the project: Measuring the Social, Environmental and Economic Impact of Co-operatives.
  • Lucia Tramonte was awarded $6000 in UNB University Research Funding to support her research project entitled: An analysis of the risky behaviour trajectories of Canadian adolescents.
  • Vanda Rideout was awarded $7,000 from the UNB University Research Fund for her pilot research project N.B. Information and Communication Technology High-skilled Workers.



  • Former UNBF Sociology graduate student Lori Beaman now a Professor and Canada Research Chair at the University of Ottawa, has been awarded a MCRI/SSHRC LOI in the amount of $20,000 to develop a further 2.5 million proposal to study religious diversity and its limits. There are 8 strand co-leaders and co-principal investigators involved in this project including Nancy Nason-Clark.
  • Gary Bowden has received a $600 UNB Arts Faculty Development Fund Travel Grant to support presentation of two papers: "Social Change and Cultural Death: Norse Greenland 980-1450" at the Resilience 2008: Resilience, Adaptation and Transformation in Turbulent Times, International Science and Public Policy Conference, and his paper "Continental Drift or Global Rift? Deep Trends and the Medium-Term Global Future" at the 38th World Congress of the International Institute of Sociology.
  • Deborah Harrison, along with co-investigators Patrizia Albanese (Ryerson University), Rachel Berman (Ryerson University) Christine Newburn-Cook (University of Alberta), and Karen Robson (York University) have been awarded a $125,000 SSHRC grant for their research project: The wellbeing, family functioning, and social development of adolescents in military families.
  • Jacqueline Low, Gary Bowden, Deborah van den Hoonaard, and Andy Scott have been awarded a $30,153 SSHRC Aid to Research Workshops and Conferences in Canada Grant to support the The 25th Qualitative Analysis Conference - Qualitatives 2008: The Chicago School and Beyond  to be hosted by the Department of Sociology, University of New Brunswick and the Atlantic Centre for Qualitative Research and Analysis, St Thomas University from May 21-24, 2008.
  • Jacqueline Low was awarded a $600 UNB Arts Faculty Development Fund Travel Grant to support presentation of her paper, co-authored with Elizabeth Graham, "From Matter out of Place to Bodies out of Time: Conceptualizing Cultural Expectations of Bodily Processes and Women’s Reproductive Lives" in the session Embodying Sociology at the 38th International Institute of Sociology World Congress Budapest, Hungary, June 26-30 2008.
  • Principle Investigator Peter Beyer of the University of Ottawa and co-investigators Nancy Nason-Clark, John Simpson and Lori Beamanwere awarded a SSHRC research grant in the amount of $144,000 for their project "Religion amongst 1.5 Generation Immigrant Youth from Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu Backgrounds."
  • Linda Neilson has been awarded a 2007/2008 UNB Merit Award for her many scholararly achievements.
  • Luc Thériault has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association for Studies in Co-operation (CASC/ASEC).


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  • Carmen Gill was awarded $20 000 from SSHRC (CURA LOI) for the project: Programs and Services for Abused Women in Rural Atlantic: Resources and Challenges, along with co-investigators Jennie Hornosty Department of Sociology, UNB; Rina Arseneault, Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre, UNB; Norma Dubé, Executive Council Office in New Brunswick; Barbara Clow and Linda Synder, Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, Dalhousie University; Denise Moore, Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women; as well as Colleen MacQuarrie and Lori Weeks, University of Prince Edward Island. In addition, Carmen Gill is co-investigator on a CIHR funded research project entitled: Supporting mother-infant relationships by intimate partner violence, led by Nicole Letourneau, Faculty of Nursing, UNB.
  • As principal investigator, Carmen Gill was awarded a $25 000 SSHRC Strategic Research Clusters Interim Grant for publicity/dissemination for the project a Canadian observatory on the justice system response to intimate partner violence. Her co-investigators are Dr. Helene Berman, University of Western Ontario; Dr. Margaret Jackson, Simon Fraser University; Dr. Gilles Rondeau, Université de Montréal; Dr. Leslie Tutty, University of Calgary; Dr. Jane Ursel, Director, University of Manitoba. She also received $13 000 from the National Crime Prevention Centre for Phase I of the New Brunswick Domestic Violence Court Pilot Project Evaluation Framework.
  • Jacqueline Low was awarded $2700 in the UNB University Research Fund 45 grant competition for her project: The Nature and Scope of Alternative and Complementary Health Care in Urban New Brunswick. She also recieved a $500 Busteed Publication Grant to support the forthcoming publication of Malacrida, C. and Low, J. (2007). Sociology of the Body: A Reader, Oxford University Press.
  • Michele Martin received a $15 000 Carleton University Merit Award.
  • Luc Thériault is a co-investigator on a SSHRC Standard Research Grant of $116 000 over 3 years to study the role of the third sector in home support services in New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec.
  • Luc Thériault was awarded $7000 in the UNB University Research Fund 44 grant competition for his exploratory project entitled Establishing Research Priorities to Reduce Men's Violence in Relationships.
  • Honorary Research Associates Dr. Tanya Titchkosky (PI) with co-investigtor Dr. Rod Michalko were awarded a three year $72,000 standard SSHRC grant to study “Organizing Disablement: The University and Disability Experience.”

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  • Carmen Gill received $200,000 from the National Crime Prevention Centre for her project: Justice and Law Enforcement Responses to Women Abuse and; along with co-investigators
  • Jennie Hornosty, University of New Brunswick; Ms. Rina Arseneault, Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre; Dr. Barbara Clow, Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health, Dalhousie University; Dr. Lori Weeks, University of Prince Edward Island; she was awarded $20 000 from SSHRC (CURA LOI) for the project: Programs and Services for Abused Women in Rural Maritimes: Resources and Challenges. In addition she was awarded $17 765 from the National Crime Prevention Centre, $8 814 in the CIHR Institute of Gender and Health workshops/Conferences/Symposia Competition, and $2 500 from the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Foundation to fund the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre Violence Against Women and Children: Partnering for Change research day.
  • Adjunct Professor Kathleen Kufeldt was elected as Secretary General of the International Foster Care Organization and chair of their Training and Development Committee.
  • Jacqueline Low received a $500 CIHR sub-grant and a $600 UNB Arts Faculty Development Fund Travel Grant. She was also nominated for a 2005 Arts Faculty Teaching Award.
  • Nancy Nason-Clark received USD $440 444 from Lilly Endowment Inc. for the project: Development of a Collaborative Community-Integrated Web-Based Model for Training Religious Leaders in Responding to Abuse and Building Bridges to Community-Based Services; and USD $8,000 from Northwest Family Life for: Celebrating the Graduates: An Exploration into the Nature and Extent of Change in the Lives of Men Who Have Graduated from a Batterers Program, Data From 2003-2004. With PI- Michael Rothery and co-investigator Irene Sevcik of the University of Calgary, she also shared in a $96 530 grant from Status of Women Canada and a $10 000 supplementary grant from the Office on Family Violence and Bullying, Province of Alberta for their study: Religious (Spiritually Based) Communities and Family Violence. With co-investigator Irene Sevcik she was awarded $19 300 from the Calgary Foundation for their research: Exploring the Effects of Centering Meditation on Self-Care and Collaboration. In addition they received $5000 in a seed grant from the Prairieaction Foundation and an $8915 supplementary grant from the Muttart Foundation.
  • Susan O’Donnell, an Adjunct Professor in Sociology, was awarded a $96,015 SSHRC Standard Research Grant for her project, Video Communication on Broadband: Social Inclusion and Citizen Engagement.
  • David Rehorick was appointed a UNB University Teaching Scholar (2005-2008) and was awarded an honorarium of $7,500 per year to support teaching-based research projects.
  • Luc Thériault is a member of three large Canadian research partnerships; each awarded 1.75 million from SSHRC over 5 years to study the social economy in Canada.

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  • Ricardo Duchesne was awarded a SSHRC grant in the amount of $25 600 to study the ideas that shaped Western Civilization.
  • As principle investigator, Carmen Gill  received $29 600 in SSHRC funding for the project: The Justice System's Response to Family Violence Across Canada: Reflections on Regional Specificity and a National Common Ground; was awarded $7400 in the UNB Research Fund to study elder abuse in Atlantic Canada; and with Co-Investigator Luc Thériault, she received a $109 000 SSHRC grant for the project: The State of the Charitable Human Service Sector in New Brunswick: Resources and Challenges.
  • Deborah Harrison was awarded $6000 from the UNB Research Fund Competition to continue her study: The Health, Well-being, and Social Development of Adolescents in Military Families.
  • Co-Principal Investigators Jennie Hornosty and Deborah Doherty received a research grant of $125 000 from the Canada Firearms Centre for their project: Exploring the Links Between Firearms, Family Violence and Animal Abuse in Rural Communities.
  • Jacqueline Low was awarded a $6000 in the UNB Research Fund Competition grant for her project examining the nature and scope of alternative and/or complementary therapy in Urban new Brunswick. She also received $1200 in UNB Arts Faculty Development Fund Travel Grants as well as a UNB Research Office Travel Grant of $1200 to give an invited paper at the European Sociological Association Symposium: Professions, Social Inclusion and Citizenship. In addition she was nominated for the UNB Allan P. Stuart Award for Excellence in Teaching.
  • Along with Principal Investigator Peter Beyer, co-investigator John Simpson, and Collaborator Lori Beaman, Nancy Nason-Clark shared in a SSHRC grant of $219 034 for their project: Religion among Immigrant Youth in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal: Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist. She was also the recipient of USD $49 891 from the Louisville Institute for her study: Exploring Issues of Justice, Accountability and Change Amongst Religious Men Who Batter Their Wives.
  • Nancy Nason-Clark was awarded the Allan P. Stuart Award for Excellence in Teaching.
  • Principal Investigator Susan O’Donnell, an Adjunct Professor in Sociology, was awarded a $30,000 SSHRC grant for a research cluster, Research on ICT with Aboriginal Communities for her project, Video Communication on Broadband: Social Inclusion and Citizen Engagement.
  • David Rehorick and co-editor Valerie Malhotra received a USD $1500 Publications Support Grant from Fielding Graduate University for the book: Shifting Our Lifeworld: Transforming Self and Professional Practice through Phenomenology.
  • As Principal Investigator, Vanda Rideout was awarded $466 324 from UNB, the National Research Council of Canada - Institute of Information Technology e-Business, Health Canada, and Human Resources Skills and Development Canada for her research: Community Intermediaries Research Project. She was also the recipient of $10 000 from the SSHRC, Aid to Occasional Research Conferences and International Congress in Canada, or the UNB International Colloquium "Communications and democracy: Technology and citizenship."
  • Luc Thériault and Carmen Gill were awarded $109 000 from SSHRC for their research: The State of the Charitable Human Service Sector in New Brunswick: Resources and Challenges.
  • Luc Thériault is part of three SSHRC funded Social Economy teams, including the National team led by Ian MacPherson at the University of Victoria, the Quebec Regional team led by Jean-Marc Fontan at UQAM and, as co-director, in the Atlantic Canada Regional team led by Leslie Brown at Mount Saint Vincent University (total funding $1.75 million). He is also the Principal applicant for the Installation of a CATI System to Conduct Health-related Opinion Research at the University of Regina. $66 000 in research infrastructure funding was received from the Western Economic Diversification Canada and the University of Regina.
    In addition he is a collaborator on the ESSBE research team led by Yves Vaillancourt at UQAM who received $550 000 from the Quebec Government granting agency FQRSC.

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