Graduate Students

Sarah VannierSarah Vannier

Advisor/Supervisors:  Dr. Lucia O’Sullivan

Previous Degrees (and affiliate institutions)/Licensing/Training Obtained:
B.A. (Honours), Psychology, Concordia University, Montreal, QC, Canada

My research interests include sexual and romantic experiences during emerging adulthood. My research tends to focus on sexual and romantic scripts, and I have done work examining sexual initiation, sexual compliance, attraction, and oral sex motives. My dissertation focuses on the impact of traditional romantic beliefs on relationship commitment and satisfaction. I am also involved in several ongoing projects examining the content of free web-based pornography.

Selected Publications:

Vannier, S. A., & O’Sullivan, L. F. (2012). Who gives and who gets: Why, when, and with whom young people engage in oral sex. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 41, 572-82

Vannier, S. A., & O’Sullivan, L. F. (2010). Communicating interest in sex: Verbal and nonverbal initiation of sexual activity in young adults’ romantic dating relationships. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 40, 961-969.

Vannier, S. A., & O’Sullivan, L. F. (2009). Sex without desire: Characteristics of occasions of sexual compliance in committed relationships. The Journal of Sex Research, 46, 1-11.

Vannier, S. A., Currie, A. B., & O’Sullivan, L. F. (2012, September). School girls and soccer moms: A content analysis of free online pornography. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Canadian Sex Research Forum, Vancouver.

Vannier, S. A., & O’Sullivan, L. F. (2012, July). Development of a scale to capture discrepancies in real and idealized versions of romantic relationships. Paper presented at the International Association for Relationship Research Conference, Chicago.

Vannier, S. A. (2012, June). The truth about oral sex: Taking a closer look at why women give more and get less. Paper presented at the Institute of the Section on Women and Psychology of the Canadian Psychological Association, Halifax.

Vannier, S. A., & Voyer, D. (2012, June). Sarcasm perception and quality of peer and romantic relationships. Poster presented at the annual convention of the Canadian Psychological Association, Halifax.

Any Professional Awards/Honours:

2011-2012       Magee Fellowship in the Humanities and Social
2009-2011    SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
2009        Snodgrass Prize for Research in Psychology
2007-2010    Board of Governor’s Merit Award