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Ashley Thompson

Ashley Thompson

Supervisor: Dr. Lucia O’Sullivan

Previous Degree: B.S., Psychology

Brief description of clinical and research interests: I am currently entering my fifth year of the Experimental and Applied program and have specific research interests in sexuality and attraction.

Book Chapters:

O’Sullivan, L. F. & Thompson, A. E. (submitted). Sexuality in adolescence.  D. L. Tolman & L. Diamond (Eds.), APA handbook of sexuality and psychology. The American Psychological Association’s Handbook of Sexuality and Psychology, First Edition.


Thompson, A. E., & O’Sullivan, L. F. (submitted). The Relationship between Men’s Facial Masculinity and Women’s Judgments of Mate Quality. Journal of Applied Social Psychology.

Thompson, A. E., & O’Sullivan, L. F. (2012). Gender differences in associations of sexual and romantic stimuli: Do young men really prefer sex over romance?. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 41(4), 949     957. doi:10.1007/s10508-011-9794-5

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