Graduate Students

Lyndsay Crump

Advisor/Supervisors: Dr. Diane LaChapelle

Previous Degrees (and affiliate institutions)/Licensing/Training Obtained:
Bachelor of Arts (Honours), York University (Toronto), Supervisor: Dr. Karen Fergus

Since arriving in 2013, I have been working towards my PhD in Clinical Psychology. Currently, my research is focused on exploring the impact of chronic pain on new romantic relationships (i.e., dating).  I am also interested in research exploring the connection between disability/illness and shame specifically, as well as how persons with disability/illness use technology to seek information and support and the impact of these strategies on overall health. 

Conference Presentations:
Crump, L., & LaChapelle, D. (2015) Acceptance underlies romantic partner- seeking success among persons with chronic pain. Invited to present poster at CIHR- Canadian Student Health Research Forum, Winnipeg, MN.
Crump L, LaChapelle D. (2015). Who would want to date me? The impact of chronic pain on new romantic relationships. Poster presented at the British Pain Society 2015 ASM, Glasgow, UK.
Crump L., & Byers, E. S. (2014). The impact of childhood sexual abuse on sexual minority women's sexual functioning. Poster presented at the Canadian Sex Research Forum Annual Conference 2014, Kingston, ON.
Crump L, & O'Connell M. (2014). Negotiating borders: Investigating the intersections of disability, sexuality, and loneliness. Paper presented to the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences 2014: Sexuality Studies, St. Catharines, ON.
Crump L., LaChapelle, D., Higgins, N., Harman, K., & Hadjistavropoulos, T. (2014). Impact of Responsibility Attributions and Patient Gender on Nurses' and Nursing Students' Emotional Responses and Willingness to Help Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain. Poster presented at the 35th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Canadian Pain Society, Quebec, QC.

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