Faculty (Fredericton Campus)


Name Telephone E-mail Research Area

Bolton, Amanda

(506) 451-6995


Byers, Sandra

(506) 458-7697


Human Sexual Behaviour (communication, satisfaction, dysfunction), Sexual Violence

D'Entremont, Barbara (506) 458-7692 E-mail Infant and Child Development, Autism
Hamilton, Ryan (506) 453-5030 E-mail

Hazing, Performance Enhancement in Sport, Cancer, Survivorship

Harker, Troy (506) 451-6814 E-Mail Neuropsychology, Cognitive Electrophysiology, Health Psychology
LaChapelle, Diane (506) 458-7744 E-mail Health and Rehabilitation Psychology
Olthuis, Janine (506) 447-3006 E-mail Anxiety Disorders, Mental Health Interventions, Adolescent Substance Use
O'Sullivan, Lucia (506) 458-7698 E-mail Sexual health, intimate relationships, adolescent and young adults
Palmer, Michael (506) 458-7541 E-mail Applied Behaviour Analysis
Perunovic, W. Q. Elaine (506) 458-7689 E-mail Self-Concept and Identity, Bilingualism and Biculturalism
Piercey, C. Darren (506) 452-6135 E-mail Cognitive Science, Cognitive Psychology Neural Networks, Lexical Access
Poulin, M. B. Carmen (506) 458-7800 E-mail Feminist Psychology
Ronis, Scott (506) 458-7804 E-mail Child and Adolescent Emotional Behavioural Problems, Family Systems, Early Sexual Experiences
Sears, Heather (506) 458-7122 E-mail Adolescent Development
Stevanovski, Biljana (506) 458-7693 E-mail Visual Memory, Visual Perception, Interface Between Perception and Action
Voyer, Daniel (506) 453-4974 E-mail Cognition, Perception, and Individual differences


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