Ahmad Rahmanian

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I have "taught" a wide range of philosophy courses here and at a few other places in Canada. The most recent courses include critical thinking, morality and self-interest, philosophy of human rights, topics in applied ethics (business ethics, ethics of political violence, and ethics of life and death), and Western intellectual history. I am working on writing a book on the history of moral thought. I find it intriguing that while the academia has been alive with the "wisdom" of our self-important moral philosophers, humanity has been weary of injustice, indignity and unhappiness. My book will argue that this is not accidental. I also paint landscapes and read good (i.e., class-conscious) literature. I will be one of the few survivors of a dying culture.

Research Interests

I have an MA and PhD in Philosophy, BA in combined English and Philosophy, and BSc in Mechanical Engineering. I have publications on moral philosophy and history of philosophy.

Contact Information:

Ahmad Rahmanian

Office: Carleton Hall, Room 232
Phone: (506) 458-7503