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My work has taken me around the country in Canada. My current position is with the Department of Philosophy here at UNB, where I have taught a wide range of courses, including critical thinking , morality and self-interest, philosophy of human rights, and topics in applied ethics (business ethics, ethics of political violence, engineering ethics, and ethics of life and death). I have also been teaching Western intellectual history, and ethics and international politics. Since my perspective is one of personal and social development, I value critical thought and emphasize it in my teaching. Critical thinking helps us unmask and resist blind faith, fanaticism, and hypocrisy. It enables us to make sensible decisions and achieve clarity and independence of thought and control over our lives. Our culture and society do not encourage these things; they are even hostile to them. As a teacher, I try to fill this cultural gap. I encourage active engagement in the learning process, since passivity and indifference are our greatest enemies.

Whenever my teaching responsibilities allow me, I work on writing a book on the history of moral thought. I find it intriguing that while the academia has been alive with the "wisdom" of our self-important moral philosophers, humanity has been weary of injustice, indignity and unhappiness. My book will argue that this is not accidental. I also paint landscapes, read good (i.e., class-conscious) literature, and ride my bicycle to work (not all the three at the same time, of course).

I have an MA and PhD in Philosophy, BA in combined English and Philosophy, and BSc in Mechanical Engineering. I have publications on moral philosophy and history of philosophy.

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Ahmad Rahmanian

Office: Carleton Hall, Room 232
Phone: (506) 458-7503