The History Department is one of the leading research departments in UNB.  In the university’s biennial ranking of research productivity for each department, History has consistently achieved a number 1 ranking, the highest designation possible.

Most research conducted by historians is considered “curiosity driven,” following the particular interests and expertise of the individual faculty member and graduate students.  There is, however, a growing trend toward team and collaborative projects.  This has led, for example, to the creation by historians of UNB of the major research project on the History of Labour in New Brunswick in collaboration with the Université de Moncton and other partners.

Historians conduct research in a wide array of fields, from political, military and intellectual history, to social and cultural, to the history of various groups and individuals.  We apply a variety of methodologies to answer the major questions confronting us, often drawing up theories and approaches from anthropology, sociology, psychology, literature studies, art and culture studies, and so on. History is the truly eclectic discipline.

The groundbreaking research conducted by members of this department not only helps us understand human behaviour in the past more clearly, but it also adds weight and depth to our teaching.  It also forms the backbone of our graduate program, as our faculty are able to direct our graduate students in the latest directions and scholarship in their field.

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