Dr. Lee Windsor specializes in Canadian Army history from the Second World War up to and including current missions abroad.  His specific research interests include the 1943-45 Italian Campaign and post Cold War 'peace and stability' operations around the world.  On behalf of UNB and the Canadian Battlefields Foundation, he regularly guides groups of students, soldiers and the general public on study tours to battlefields in italy, France, Belgium and Holland.

He is a native New Brunswicker and served with two Atlantic region Canadian Forces units, the VIII Canadian Hussars and the West Nova Scotia Regiment. He is completing a manuscript on the Allied war effort in Italy in 1944 based on his Governor General's Academic Gold Medal-winning doctoral dissertation. In 2007 he accompanied Canada's Task Force 1-07 for part of its time in Afghanistan and was then lead author of Kandahar Tour: Turning Point in Canada's Afghan Mission. Presently, he continues to study NATO operations and their relation to Canadian civilian government agency, NGO and UN efforts in Afghanistan.

Contact Information:

Telephone: (506) 453- 4911, Lee Windsor