Janet E. Mullin (Ph.D., University of New Brunswick)

Adjunct Professor & Lecturer,  Department of History

Email: mullinj@unb.ca

Website: Middling History

Janet has been a Contract Academic Employee with UNB’s Department of History since 2008 and has recently received Adjunct status.  Her research centres on the leisure culture and sociability of England’s eighteenth century, in particular that of the rising middle classes. 


Courses taught:

History 3006, The Protestant Reformation

History 3007, The Catholic Reformation

History 3975, History of the Life Sciences

History 4001, Heretics and Witches

History 4002, Renaissance Society

History 4006, The Enlightenment



Mullin, Janet E.  A Sixpence at Whist: Gaming and the English Middle Classes, 1680-1830.  Woodbridge, Suffolk: The Boydell Press 2015.  ISBN-13: 978 1 78327 047 7

Mullin, Janet E.  “Cards on the Table: The middling sort as suppliers and consumers of English leisure culture in the eighteenth century” Canadian Journal of History 45:1 (Spring/Summer 2010), 49-81.

Mullin, Janet E.  “ ‘We Had Carding’: Hospitable card play and polite domestic sociability    among the middling sort in eighteenth-century England” Journal of Social History 42:4 (Summer 2009), 989-1008.

Six Pence