Colin Grittner, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Colin Grittner holds a Ph.D. in History from McGill University in Montreal and an M.A. in History from Carleton University in Ottawa.

Dr. Grittner specializes in the political, legal, and cultural histories of nineteenth-century Canada. His research broadly explores the changing claims to and bases for popular civic participation and representation across British North America and Canada. To better understand these ideas, he is currently completing a monograph focused on British North America’s electoral franchises through to Canadian Confederation in 1867. Dr. Grittner’s second project continues his interest in claims to civic participation and looks to militia service within nineteenth-century British North America and Canada. More specifically, this study investigates how militiamen and their supporters employed ideas of civil service and the public good to press for greater political recognition at the provincial and national levels.

Tilley Hall, Room 138