Gail G. Campbell

Gail CampbellDr. Gail Campbell (Canadian Social and Political History, Nineteenth-Century New Brunswick, Quantitative Methodology) holds her doctorate from Clark University.

Her publications include articles in Social Science History, CHA Historical Papers, Acadiensis and the Canadian Historical Review, and reviews in Acadiensis, Histoire sociale/Social History and Ontario History. From 1994 until 1998, she was editor of Acadiensis, and she is currently Chair of the Editorial Boards of Acadiensis and Acadiensis Press. Her current research projects focus on aspects of New Brunswick's social and political history. Her major research project, "The Dynamics of nineteenth-century rural community life: a study of political culture in three New Brunswick counties", funded by the SSHRCC, involves an examination of the role played by ordinary men and women in shaping the political culture of nineteenth century New Brunswick. Based on a computer-assisted analysis of Albert, Charlotte and Sunbury Counties, the study encompasses 1845-1875 and seeks to explain the dynamics of rural community within the framework of a family-community-society continuum.

A related project, "Shaping their own lives", examines the experience of nineteenth-century New Brunswick women, viewed through the prism of their diaries and correspondence.

A third project extends her research into the twentieth century. Based largely on a detailed examination of the public career of Senator Muriel McQueen Fergusson, her speeches and correspondence, this study analyses the Senator's contributions towards raising the status and profile of Canadian women.

Dr. Campbell is now retired.

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