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Atlantic Loyalist Connections is currently featuring a three-week series of posts authored by undergraduate students from Dr. Wendy Churchill's University of New Brunswick History course, "Medicine and Society in the Early Modern British World," using The Loyalist Collection resources.  

The impressive New Brunswick Loyalist Journeys story map project is being featured by Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute) as its “Story Map of the Month” for January 2018. Congratulations to all involved!


Our warmest congratulations to all involved in the New Brunswick Loyalist Journeys story map project, which has recently been recognized by Esri (Environmental Systems Research Institute) for its “beautifully researched and produced series of story maps”! Dr. Bonnie Huskins (Adjunct Professor, Loyalist Studies Coordinator, and Honorary Research Associate, Department of History, UNB) and UNB History Honours student Zoe Jackson are amongst those who have been involved with this project, which is being led by HIL staff Christine Jack, Leah Grandy (a UNB History PhD alumna!), and Siobhan Hanratty. In addition to being tweeted by Esri, the Loyalist story map project is now included in its Story Maps Gallery and will be featured in an upcoming issue of its Planet Story Maps newsletter.

The Department of History would like to extend its congratulations to Dr. Koral LaVorgna (a UNB History PhD alumna!), who is now Executive Director of Association Heritage NB. We are very proud!

 2015/11/10:  UNB History Mourns the passing of E.R. 'Ernie' Forbes; Telegraph Journal article

2010/12/15: Gregg Centre wins award for New Brunswick Military History Book Series

2010/05/05: New Brunswick Labour History Awards at New Brunswick Heritage Fairs

2010/03/16: History Department selected as a "best practices" department for the 2011 AHA meetings . . .

2010/03/16: Again, History graduates the largest class of the Faculty of Arts

2009/09/04: UNB History Hosted a Labour History and Public Policy Conference, 1-2 September

2008/09/04: Formal Launch of the New Brunswick Labour History Project Website