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HIST 2603: The Caribbean: from Caribs to Castro Part I    (Fall 2017)

Dr. Stefanie Kennedy

This survey course introduces students to a history of the Caribbean region from the indigenous era, beginning around 6000BC, to the late-eighteenth century. Topics covered include: indigenous politics, cosmology, and culture; European conquest and indigenous responses and resistance to conquest; variations in politics and culture between empires; the Middle Passage; plantation and urban slavery; the everyday lives of the enslaved.

HIST 2604: The Caribbean: from Caribs to Castro Part II    (Winter 2018)

Dr. Stefanie Kennedy

This survey course introduces students to a history of the Caribbean from the Haitian Revolution in the late eighteenth century to the Cuban Revolution and rise of Fidel Castro in the mid-20th century. Topics covered include: the abolitionist movement; slave emancipation and struggles to define freedom; Indian indentureship; nationalist and independence struggles; the U.S. occupation of Cuba and Puerto Rico; Afro-Atlantic civil rights movement; Che Guevara; and the Caribbean and international affairs.

HIST 3625: Disability History    (Winter 2018)

Dr. Stefanie Kennedy

This course uncovers a history of disability in North America from pre-conquest to the twentieth century. It traces the experiences of individuals and communities of people with a wide range of visible and invisible conditions now understood as “disabilities.” Rather than treating disability as merely a medical impairment, we will explore the historical and cultural variability of disability. Topics covered include: education, asylums and institutions; gender, sexuality, and race; eugenics; freak shows; social welfare and charitable programs; disabled veterans; the Deaf community; and the disability rights/independent living movement.

HIST 5605: Freedom on Trial: Slavery, Violence, and the Law    (Fall 2017)

Dr. Stefanie Kennedy

This course explores histories of slavery and the law throughout the Caribbean and North America from European conquest in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries to the abolition of slavery in the nineteenth century. We will read primary sources, including slave laws, trial transcripts, treatises, and first-person narratives. Topics include: indigenous forced labour regimes; slave laws; crime and punishment; manumission; the legal position of free persons of African descent; abolition and the meaning of freedom; the transatlantic slave trade and international law; and the origins of human rights.

HIST 6935: Writing History    (Winter 2018)

Dr. Elizabeth Mancke

This writing workshop will provide an intensive introduction to the production of effective historical scholarship.  All phases of the process of research, composition, and revision will be considered, including how to review and critique the work of other scholars.  Students will be able to use the seminar to work on their own History projects.