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My favourite part of the trip was definitely the ability to experience French culture on a non-tourist basis. The Travel Study program allows students to experience things that normal people do not have the chance to see, and gives a more complete picture of life in France for the French as opposed to the people who simply visit it.

Thank you for arranging the wonderful experience. Your vision of this travel study program was certainly inspired. I thought of how different our class was from some of the other language and travel programs where the classroom is just moved to another country. You made the other country our classroom. The best of experiential learning.

The instructors were very zealous in their pre-departure explanations and gave us a lot of material to make our trip a successful one on both the academic and “tourist” side. Because we were expected to be well prepared before the beginning of the trip, we had more time to fully live the France experience. Because of that, I enjoyed myself tremendously, got to see Paris under a different light, lived a “cousin” type relationship with our Poitiers Acadian cousins. All in all a marvelous trip.

An excellent learning model for me. The world is the classroom. Students from other universities were at FIAP and had to attend classrooms in Paris. What a shame, when the best classroom such as the Louvre was right at hand. Prof Viau and Passaris used their classrooms, i.e. Bank of France, sights of Paris exceptionally. […] Profs Viau and Passaris were able to expose each student to French culture, food and culinary expertise, literature, and philosophies in a teaching manner that all would merit from and appreciate.

This is an extremely economical way to visit Paris, one of the world's most expensive cities. Accommodations and meals were excellent. Far better than I had anticipated. I'd say both were first class for cost. I would advise anyone who can, to take the session. It allows one to experience two aspects of France visitors seldom see in one trip: Paris + provinces. The concern shown for all students and the attention to each one of us was marvelous. I left with the impression of a consummate professor. I was truly awed by Dr. Viau's patience and his intimate knowledge of Paris. Speaking and lecturing on Parisian streets is an art which he has perfected.

Definitely recommended! The classes were basically tours lead either by the UNB profs or tour guides, and we only ever sat indoors during the final exams, so you really get to see the place. There is a lot of information in just 3 weeks, but the assessments are fairly graded so it balances out. It is also a great opportunity to meet different UNB students in different years and programs you otherwise would never see… I had a great group and everyone got along very well!

France was one of my dream locations, Paris was a dream. As for Poitier, I had never heard of it, but it was so charming and beautiful, we got to see all these different parts, that I wouldn’t even knows about if was planning this by myself as a tourist. The French and World Literature course components were also very important.

- I didn't realize that almost all of the meals, all of the transportation and entrance fees to attractions were included in the cost paid for the course. That was a nice surprise
- I think that in promoting the Travel Study program, it should be emphasized how exploring a new country with professors familiar with locations and their history is unlike visiting on your own. You are given much deeper insight into the history and significance of the sites you visit. Also, a lot of the tricky stuff you need to deal with when travelling alone is already taken care of.
- I had an excellent time exploring France, and made some great friends in the process. Definitely would recommend!
- YES YES YES, I can't stress how amazing it was. I learned more in 21 days that I would have ever learned sitting in a class. Truly magnificent

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