Volume No 33 (2009): Papers from the 33rd Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Provinces Linguistics Association
Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland, 2011.
Sara Johanson, Evan Hazenberg and Suzanne Power
Paul De Decker
Faculty Supervisor
Table of Contents


Articles (click on the article to download a PDF version)

The Social Stratification of the Voiced Interdental /ð/ in the Battery Dialect
Maia Williamson & Walcir Cardoso

Written Cantonese in Hong Kong Advertisements
Anthony C. Lister

Auxiliary Selection in 16th Century French: Imposing Norms in the Face of Language Change
Douglas L. Rideout

Media Performances of Vernacularity: The Acadieman Case
(published: "Media Representations of Minority French: Valorization, Identity, and the Acadieman Phenomenon." Canadian Journal of Linguistics 56.2:179-202)
Philip Comeau & Ruth King

Anglicisms: The Numbers Behind the Words
(published: contact authors for details)
Jesse Harris & Walcir Cardoso