Matte Robinson

BA, (STU), MA (UNB), PhD (UNB)

Matte Robinson is Assistant Professor of English at St. Thomas University, where he teaches American Literature and modernism. He has published on American modernist poet H.D., including “Doubles in H.D.’s Late Work.” Anglophonia: French Journal of English Studies/Caliban 95 (January 2014) and a co-authored chapter of the Cambridge Companion to H.D. He has been involved in the preparation of several scholarly editions of H.D.’s mature work, and co-edited H.D.’s Hirslanden Notebooks: An Annotated Scholarly Edition. His forthcoming book, The Astral H.D., examines H.D.’s use of occult source material in her late poetry and prose using marginalia and archival material. He is currently working on a chapter for the collection A Piercing Darkness: Spirituality in Modernist Women's Writing and an article on sexuality, the occult, and modernist artistic communities.

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