Theatre UNB Presents Undiscovered Country by Stoppard/Schnitzler

March 28th to March 31st, 8:00pm nightly

Memorial Hall - Tickets Available At the Door (General Admission: $10, Students: $6)

Theatre UNB is set to unveil its final major production of the season: Undiscovered Country, a play by Austrian dramatist Arthur Schnitzler, in a translation by Tony and Oscar winner Tom Stoppard. A tragicomedy about passion, deceit, and infidelity among Vienna’s leisured elite, Undiscovered Country depicts a group of friends and rivals for whom casual sexual indiscretions are as much a sport as the endless garden parties, games of tennis, and holidays in the Alps that fill their days. Inevitably, what begins as fun and games ends up turning deadly serious, with tragic consequences. Perhaps not surprisingly for a work that earned the admiration of Schnitzler’s friend Sigmund Freud, Undiscovered Country probes with both remarkable insight and humour the irrational and often self-destructive human compulsion to seek out things new, thrilling, and forbidden, whether in love, sex, or mountaineering.

Undiscovered Country is directed by Len Falkenstein and features a cast of 22 UNB drama students who bring to life the play’s colorful collection of aristocrats, eccentrics, and pampered resort princesses. The play will be performed at 8 PM nightly from Wednesday, March 28th through Saturday, March 31st, at Memorial Hall on the UNB campus. Tickets ($10 regular, $6 for students) will be available at the door. For more information, phone 447-3078 or email