Colloquium by Professor Sanna Dhahir

Friday, March 16th, 3:30pm - Tilley Hall Room 5

Translating Badriya al-Bishr’s Hind wa-l-Askar (Hind and the Soldiers)
Theory and Practice

Sanna Dhahir

In literary translation circles, theory has not always been favored with great esteem. Rendering the meaning and the various structural techniques of a literary work from one language into another has been viewed as an art which hardly depends on a solid background of translation theory. What could be more important to the translator than being able to engage all the appropriate creative faculties in the process of translation? Yet having said that, can we dismiss “theory” as a “dirty” word the way some serious practitioners have already done? Not without a murky conscience. Reflecting on my translation of Badriya al-Bishr’s novel, my talk will show how translation theory can often be an aid to creativity, as well as other elements deemed essential to the success of literary works in translation.