Minor in Drama

The Drama Minor consists of 24 ch chosen from required, recommended, and elective courses as listed below. Students normally complete the Minor over either 3 or 4 years, having entered the programme in the first or second year of their studies (although in rare cases it is possible to complete it in two years). Required courses for the Minor are DRAM 2170, DRAM 3170,  and either DRAM 4170 or both DRAM 4173 and DRAM 4174. For the remaining 6ch in the programme, students can choose from a range of elective courses, with DRAM 1173 and ENGL 3877 strongly recommended.

The recommended programme of study is as follows:

  • Year One:    DRAM 1173 (3 ch)
  • Year Two:    DRAM 2170 (6 ch)
  • Year Three: DRAM 3170 (6 ch)
  • Year Four:   DRAM 4170 (6 ch)

The remaining 3ch of electives can be taken in any year.  Students entering the programme in the second year of their studies can take DRAM 1173 and DRAM 2170 simultaneously. Students wishing to spread the work of DRAM 4170 across two different academic years can choose to take DRAM 4173 and DRAM 4174, two 3ch courses which are the equivalent of DRAM 4170.

Students interested in the programme are advised to consult the Director of Drama for further information.

Core and Elective Courses

Core Courses

DRAM 2170

Principles of Drama Production


DRAM 3170

Advanced Drama Production


DRAM 4170

Thesis Production and Independent Project


DRAM 4173

Thesis Production


DRAM 4174

Independent Drama Project



Elective Courses

Recommended Electives

DRAM 1173

Introduction to Acting and Performance


ENGL 3877

Modern Drama



Other Electives

ENGL 2195

Creative Writing: Poetry and Drama


ENGL 2263

Shakespeare and Film


ENGL 3163

Creative Writing: Drama


ENGL 3260



ENGL 3263

Shakespeare's Predecessors and Contemporaries


CLAS 3403

The Comic Theatre of Greece and Rome


CLAS 3413

The Tragic Theatre of Greece and Rome


FILM 3981

Introduction to Directing and Acting for Film and Television


FILM 3990

Advanced Production


FILM 3998

Film Production


FILM 3999

Video Production



Equivalent courses offered by St. Thomas University can also be used toward the Minor, with the permission of the Director of Drama. Other courses, including some offerings in Film, Creative Writing, and Music, can also be taken as electives, with the permission of the Director of Drama.