Working Papers

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Author(s) Title
2009-01 Joe Ruggeri The Environment Impact of a Carbon Tax in New Brunswick
2009-02 J. Ruggeri & JP Bourgeois The Incidence of the Proposed Carbon Tax in New Brunswick
2009-03 J. Ruggeri & JP Bourgeois Regressing Towards Proportionality: Personal Income Tax Reform In New Brunswick
2009-04 J. Ruggeri & JP Bourgeois The Equity Effects of Tax Reform in New Brunswick

2008 Series

Author(s) Title
2008-01 Joe Ruggeri and Barry Watson Federal Fiscal Policy & Interregional Redistribution
2008-02 Joe Ruggeri, Melanie Doucet & Barry Watson Health Care Investment by Provincial Governments


2007 Series

Author(s) Title
2007-01 Joe Ruggeri Inventment in Natural Capital by the Federal Government in Canada
2007-02 Joe Ruggeri and Melanie Doucet Government Spending on Health Care as Public Investment


2006 Series

Author(s) Title
2006-01 Joe Ruggeri and Yang Zou Population Aging as Fiscal Stabilizer


2005 Series

Author(s) Title
2005-01 Joe Ruggeri & Yang Zou Population Dependency Ratios Versus Fiscal Dependency Ratios


2004 Series

Author(s) Title
2004-01 Joe Ruggeri, Weiqiu Yu & Mike Edwards Measure of Obesity for Canada and New Brunswick
2004-02 V. Lantz & D. Murrell Climate Change Plans for Canada: a Full Cost-Benefit Framework for Evaluating Options at the Provincial Level
2004-03 Morteza Haghiti, Stephen M. Law & James F. Nolan Input Separability in the Canadian Cable Television Industry: An Application of Generalized Additive Models
2004-04 Aidan Hollis & Stephen M. Law A National Formulary for Canada
2004-05 V. Dickson & S. Yingfeng The Price Effects of Rising Concentration in US Food Manufacturing


2003 Series

Author(s) Title
2003-01 Joe Ruggieri & Zhen He Gender Dimensions of Human Capital Growth in Canada
2003-02 Joe Ruggieri & Zhen He Measure of Human Capital


2002 Series

Author(s) Title
2002-01 Nikos Benos Public Education and Economic Growth Under Progressive Taxation
2002-02 Nikos Benos Education Policies & Economic Growth
2002-03 James Ted McDonald The Location Choice of New Immigrants to Canada: The Role of Ethnic Networks
2002-04 David Murrell Recent Issues in Equalization Payments as they Pertain to Atlantic Canada
2002-05 Joe Ruggeri & Hiafang Huang Economic Indicators, Units of Measurement and Convergence


2001 Series

Author(s) Title
2001-01 Vaughan Dickson Student Fees, Subsidies and Enrolment in Canadian University
2001-02 Joe Ruggeri Government Subsidies to Business in Atlantic Canada Debunking a Myth
2001-03 Joe Ruggeri New Brunswick Businesses are not Awash in Government Subsidies
2001-04 Vaughan Dickson & Tony Myatt The Determinants of Provincial Minimum Wages
2001-05 Rick Audas & David Murrell Did the 1994-96 Employment Insurance Reforms Improve Labour Market Outcomes for Young People?
2001-06 Maxime Fougere & Joe Ruggeri Federal Income Tax Cuts & Regional Disparities
2001-07 Maxime Fougere & Joe Ruggeri Regional Dimensions of Federal Income Tax Cuts
2001-08 Larry Levine The Significance of Visceral Phenomena & Emotions in Decision-Making in Economics Analysis
2001-09 Joe Ruggeri & Fan Yang Covergence in a Small Open Economy
2001-10 Joe Ruggeri & Haifang Huang Human Capital and Covergence in Canada


2000 Series

Author(s) Title
2000-01 M.C. Brown & L. Jardine-Tweedie Halfway Technologies, Quality of Life and Affordable Public Health Policy: Biotechnology Drug Developments for Multiple Sclerosis
2000-02 Vaughan Dickson Asymmetric Firm Entry and Social Inefficiency
2000-03 Joe Ruggeri & Weiqiu Yu A Measure of Interregional Redistribution
2000-04 Joe Ruggeri Tax-Based Saving Incentives and Public Policy in Canada
2000-05 Joe Ruggeri & Weiqiu Yu On the Dimensions of Human Capital: An Analytical Framework
2000-06 Maxime Fougère, Guiseppe Ruggeri & Carole Vincent Equity Aspects of Tax Preferences
2000-07 G.C. Ruggeri Tax on Taxable Income in New Brunswick: A Review of the Issues

1999 Series

Author(s) Title
1999-01 G.C. Ruggeri A Proposal for Reducing Federal Taxes
1999-02 Vaughan Dickson Welfare Losses When There Are Cost Differences Among Firms
1999-03 A.L. Levine Social-Welfare Functions: Some Dissonant Notes
1999-04 A.L. Levine Modelling That Problem Set Which is Team Production
1999-05 A.L. Levine The Notion of Equilibrium in Microeconomic Theory
1999-06 Keewan Jee & Weiqiu Yu Canadian Newsprint in the United States: A Multivariate Cointegration Analysis
1999-07 David Murrell & Weiqiu Yu The Effect of the Harmonized Sales Tax on Consumer Prices and Spending in Atlantic Canada
1999-08 J. Kee, Weiqiu Yu & E.W. Robak Testing Market Integration in the Canadian Softwood Lumber Markets
1999-09 G.C. Ruggeri & Weiqiu Yu Federal Fiscal Balances and Redistribution in Canada, 1992-96
1999-10 David Murrell Has New Brunswick Pulled Ahead of Nova Scotia? A Taxonomy of Gross Domestic Product and Labour Market Data
1999-12 Malcolm Brown Where has the Canadian Public Health Sector Gone?: The Optimal Mix of Patient and Community Oriented Health Programs and Policies

1998 Series

Author(s) Title
1998-01 G.C. Ruggeri & Weiqiu Yu Capital Income Taxation, Labour Supply and Work Effort
1998-02 G.C. Ruggeri The Fiscal Dividend and Federal Taxation
1998-03 Anthony Myatt & David Murrell Is the Low Savings Rate of Households Indicative of Households in Crisis?
1998-04 James MacGee & Weiqiu Yu The Behaviour of Productivity Growth Rates and Composition Bias in the Labour Input
1998-05 Stephen M. Law The Problem of Costs and Market Size for Canadian Cable Television Regulation
1998-06 Stephen M. Law Inter-temporal Tie-ins: A Case for Tying Intellectual Property
1998-07 Vaughan Dickson & Weiqiu Yu Spending By Canadian Provincial Governments 1961-92
1998-08 Vaughan Dickson & Weiqiu Yu Fiscal Illusion and the Perceived Price of Provincial Government Output in Canada
1998-09 Stephen M. Law & James P. Nolan Parametric and Non-parametric Tests for Scale Economies in a Regulated Industry: The Case of Cable Television
1998-10 G.C. Ruggeri & Weiqiu Yu The Growth of Direct and Indirect Transfers to Persons in Canada: 1988-96
1998-11 David Murrell & Anthony Myatt The Role of Household Capital Gains Taxation and its Influence on the Aggregate Personal Income Tax Rate

1997 Series

Author(s) Title
1997-01 Larry Levine Identifying Inputs and Generating Outputs: A Difficult Case
1997-02 G.C. Ruggeri On the Fiscal Dividend and the Federal Debt

1995 Series

Author(s) Title
1995-01 Vaughan Dickson & Jian He Optimal Concentration and Deadweight Losses in Canadian Manufacturing
1995-02 Vaughan Dickson, Bill Milne & David Murrell Net Benefits for Governments, Students and the Public from Spending on Universities in New Brunswick

1994 Series

Author(s) Title
1994-01 Peter S. Sephton A Note on the Probability of Recessions: Can Statistics Canada’s Leading Index Predict as Well as MARS
1994-02 Peter S. Sephton Extended Critical Values for a Simple Test for Cointegration