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Herb Emery


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Van Lantz

Ted McDonald

Tony Myatt

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The mandate of the Centre is to:

  • serve as a focal point for the co-ordination of research on public policy issues relevant to New Brunswick and Atlantic Canada. The co-ordination will strengthen the public policy research linkages within the University and will promote multi-disciplinary endeavours;
  • stimulate public participation in public policy through conferences, workshops, and special seminars;
  • publish in-house research and the proceedings of conferences in the form of monographs; this publishing activity will stimulate research interests in policy issues affecting the Atlantic region by providing a much-needed publication outlet;
  • seek to strengthen collaborative efforts between the University, government agencies and public sector organizations.

The Centre will pursue this mandate by conducting independent research as well as seeking contracts from public and private bodies.

The publication of monographs by the Centre is based on the following steps. Preliminary drafts of the papers to be presented at a conference are distributed to all participants for the purpose of stimulating a broad discussion. The authors prepare revised versions of the papers which are then reviewed by peers selected by the Centre. Their comments are relayed to the authors who are solely responsible for preparing the final draft.