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  • ECON 3755 - Environmental Economics I
  • ECON 3766 - Climate Change Economics
  • ECON 5755/6755 - Environmental Economics II
  • ENVS 6003 - Environmental Management Tools
  • FOR 3101 - Forest Economics


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Recent publications

  • Wu, Y.Q., Y.H. Weng, C. Hennigar, M.S. Fullarton, V. Lantz. 2015. Benefit-cost analysis of a white spruce clonal seed orchard in New Brunswick, Canada. New Forests 46: 141-156.
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  • Lantz, V., W-Y Chang, C. Pharo. 2014. Benefit-cost analysis of hybrid willow crop production on agricultural land in PEI: assessing opportunities for on-farm and off-farm bioenergy use. Biomass and Bioenergy 63: 257-267.
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Selected Grants/Funding

  • “Estimating the market and non-market economic impacts of climate-change induced sea-level rise in Canada”. SSHRC IDG, Ottawa, ON (2014-17; Principle investigator is P. Withey from StFX University).
  • “Integrating selected BMPs to maximize environmental/economic benefits at field/watershed scales for sustainable potato production in NB”. Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Ottawa, ON (2013-16).
  •  “Early intervention strategies to suppress a spruce budworm outbreak: economic aspects” Atlantic Innovation Fund, Moncton, NB (2014-15; Principle investigator is D. MacLean, UNB).
  • “Economy-wide impacts of protected area establishment on forest and energy sector lands in the Lower Peace region of Alberta”. Government of Alberta (2012-13; Principle investigator is Green Analytics).
  • “Wetland restoration incentives: evaluation of landowner preferences in a Southern Ontario watershed”. Credit Valley Conservation, Mississauga, ON (2011-12).
  • “Cost-benefit analysis of willow production as an on-farm source of renewable energy in PEI”. Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Ottawa, ON (2011-12).
  • "An assessment of PEI's Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) program". Linking Environment and Agriculture Research Network, Agriculture and Agr-food Canada, Ottawa, ON (2011-12).
  • "A collaborative research partnership for sustainable forest management", SSHRC Community - University Research Alliance Grant, Ottawa, ON (2010-15; Principle investigator is D. Floyd from UNB).
  • "Impacts of soil conservation BMPs on water quality in the Black Brook watershed, NB". Watershed Evaluation of Beneficial Management Practices program, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Ottawa, ON (2009-13; Principle investigator is L. Chow from AAFC).
  • "Ecological goods and services: clarifying property rights, assessing costs and benefits, and proposing incentive structures in watersheds across Canada", SSHRC Standard Research Grant, Ottawa, ON (2009-12; Co-investigators are T. Beckley and W. Haider).
  • "Costing climate impacts and adaptation: A Canadian study on the forest sector", Naional Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy, Government of Canada, Ottawa, On (2009-10; Principle investigator is MARBEK Inc.).
  • Valuing wetland ecosystem services in the Credit River Watershed, Ontario", Credit Valley Conservation, Mississauga, ON (2008-10; co-investigator is M. Kennedy).
  • Economics of Sustainable Forest Management". National Centre of Excellence, Sustainable Forest Management Network, Edmonton, Alberta (2006-09; Principle investigator is S. Kant, University of Toronto).
  • “Valuing ecological goods and services produced by agricultural producers in PEI”, Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, Ottawa, ON. (2007-09; Principle investigator is the PEI Wildlife Association).
  • "Role of pest management in sequestering carbon in the 2008-12 Kyoto commitment period: integration with CBM-CFS2 and economic analyses", National Centre of Excellence, Sustainable Forest Management Network , Edmonton, Alberta. (2004-07; Co-investigators were D. MacLean (UNB) and B. Cooke (CFS).
  • “Private Woodlot provision of Public Goods”. Fundy Model Forest and Canadian Model Forest Network, Sussex, NB. (2005-07; Co-investigators are T. Beckley (UNB), S. Dalton (UNB), and G. Fox (UG).

Work in progress

  • Ochuodho, T., V. Lantz, E. Olale. Economic impacts of climate change on agricultural crops across Canadian provinces: a multiregional dynamic CGE model analysis.
  • Ochuodho, T., V. Lantz. Economic impacts of climate change considering individual, additive, and simultaneous changes in agriculture and forest sectors in Canada: A dynamic, multi-regional CGE model analysis.
  • Withey, P., V. Lantz, T. Ochuodho. Economic Costs and Impacts of Climate-induced Sea-Level Rise and Storm Surge in Canadian Coastal Provinces: A CGE Approach.
  • Lantz, VA, T. Ochuodho, P. Withey, M.N. Patriquin, J. Wilson, M. Kennedy. Economic impacts of conservation area strategies in southern Alberta, Canada: a CGE model analysis.
  • Trenholm, R., W. Haider, V. Lantz. Valuing ecosystem services in watersheds across Canada: a choice experiment.
  • Trenholm, R., T. Anderson, V. Lantz, W. Haider. Landowner valuation of wetland enhancement and restoration in the Credit River watershed, southern Ontario: a choice experiment.
  • Lantz, V., T.O. Ochuodho, E. Olale, J. Damboise, T.L. Chow, F. Meng, J.L. Daigle (2013). Using sample plot data to assess the impacts of soil and water conservation practices on potato yields in Northwestern New Brunswick, Canada.
  • Lantz, V. Cost-benefit analysis of flow diversion terraces in the Black Brook watershed: incorporating public values.


  • Member, Senate, UNB (2012-present)
  • Member, Fredericton Campus Budget Committee, UNB (2014-present)
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Council, NB Energy Institute (2013-present)
  • Chair, Senate Admissions Committee, UNB (2013-present)
  • Member. Sustainability Advisory Committee, UNB (2013-present)
  • Member. Creighton Conservation Forest Advisory Committee, UNB (2009-present)
  • Graduate Studies Committee, Economics Department, UNB (2001-12)
  • Executive Committee Member, APICS (Atlantic Provinces Council on the Sciences), UNB Representative for Environmental Studies Group
  • Association memberships: ACEA, CEA, C-CIARN, AESN
  • Associate Editor, Forestry Chronicle

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