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Economics Working Paper Archives

  • An Economics Working Paper Archive
  • WoPEc
  • Resources for Economists on the Internet
  • Currencies of the World (maintained by PACIFIC).
  • PACIFIC Exchange Rate Service (maintained by PACIFIC).
  • Nobel Laureates in Economics (maintained by EPAS).
  • FINWeb: A Financial Economics WWW Server at the University of Texas.
  • US Stock Market Charts: An experimental WWW server at the M.I.T.'s AI laboratory.
  • International Trade Law: A WWW service provided by the University of Tromsx, Ananse, Norway. Includes a library on GATT.

Job Opportunities for Economists

  • The Job Openings for Economists published by the American Economics Association is the place to start. It covers primarily North America, but also lists openings on other continents.

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Canadian Economic Data