Jeff Mundeejeff

Game Production and Design Instructor

Jeff Mundee has worked in the video game industry for over ten years. He began his career in Vancouver with Factory1 Games, where   he became well practiced in game design and environment modeling. He then worked with Electronic Arts for three years as a motion capture specialist; he worked on many popular EA titles released from 2006-2009, with notable highlights including: Fight Night Round 3, FIFA, Dragon Age, Skate, Dead Space, and Need For Speed. Jeff then became a mission designer at Activision where he worked on Sleeping Dogs, which was later published by Square Enix. 

Jeff also taught various game design courses with the Art Institute of Vancouver from 2007-2012, and was the Game Design program department head at the Gaming and Animation Institute. Today, he regularly gives seminars and workshops on various   aspects of game design and development. Jeff has mentored hundreds of students over the past nine years, many of whom are now professionals in the digital games industry themselves. While teaching, he has continued to work with indie game companies such as Holy Mountain Games, Fuflespoot, PugPharm, and Cold Furnace. 

Jeff is currently working on unannounced games while simultaneously completing his interdisciplinary masters degree, which is focused on participatory media and the monetization of game mods. He is also an Instructional Technology Specialist with UNB's   Center for Enhanced Teaching and Learning.  Jeff continues to teach several game design courses for UNB's Media Arts and Cultures program, is involved with the preeminent Games and Culture Research Lab at UNB, and works with UNB's College of Extended Learning to provide weekend workshops for anyone who is interested in designing games. 

Jeff holds a Digital Communications Diploma from NBCC, a Game Art and Design Diploma from The Center for Digital Imaging and Sound, a Game Art and Design Mastery Diploma from The Art Institute of Vancouver, a Bachelor of Arts from UNB, and a Diploma of University Teaching from UNB.


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