Mindfulness and playfulness in the introductory second language                                        class for university students by Dr. Zsuzsa Szabo-Nyaradyrussianpresenation

The Dept. of Culture and Media Studies’ long-time Contract Academic Instructor, Dr. Zsuzsa Szabo-Nyarady, participated in a recent workshop on Mindfulness and Contemplative Practices in Education held on Feb. 3, 2017 on UNB Campus. Dr. Szabo-Nyarady’s talk was titled “Mindfulness and playfulness in the introductory second language class for university students.” It included participation by students from her Russian language class who delighted the workshop participants with a short play and Russian folksong learned in their classroom.  The goal of the presentation was to demonstrate examples of mindful and playful exercises in the classroom, and participants also learned Russian words as they tossed around a ball in small groups led by the students. Dr. Szabo-Nyarady’s students eloquently answered questions from the participants about their engagement in the class and satisfaction with the process. The group was charmed by the experience. Dr. Szabo-Nyarady is also a well-known yoga and pilates instructor in Fredericton.

Photo credit:  Eric Gionet