Cam Woykin's Dreams & DisillusionmentCam Woykin

Culture and Media Studies' current film production instructor, filmmaker Cam Woykin, presented a selection of his films to a group of students, colleagues and community members on Jan. 19th at 7pm in 143 Marshall d’Avry Hall on UNB Campus. Woykin screened a selection of his short films from the past ten years, including some of his first experimental films and later pieces. Both Open Window, an 8 minute film about domestic violence done in one take, and My Life in Dreams, a short film about the subconscious inspired by Woykin's dreams, were audience favourites. During the Q&A, Woykin explained his choice to continue making films over which he has creative control, despite the obstacles, and encouraged the students present to follow their film-making dreams. Woykin's most recent collaboration, The Stairs, a feature documentary for which he was cinematographer, won the Rogers Best Canadian Film Award presented annually by the Toronto Film Critics Association. This event was cohosted by Dept. of Culture and Media Studies and the NB Filmmakers Cooperative.