Gabe Hrynick

 Refereed Edited Volumes:

2017     Betts, M.W., and M.G. Hrynick (editors)   North American East Coast Shell Midden Research. Journal of the North Atlantic, Special Volume. Number 10.

Refereed Articles:

2017  Hrynick, M.G., W.J. Webb, C.E. Shaw, and T.C. Testa. 2017. Late Maritime Woodland to Protohistoric Culture Change and Continuity at the Devil’s Head site, Calais, Maine. Archaeology of Eastern North America 45:85–108.

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2012     Hrynick, M.G., M.W. Betts, and D.W. Black   A Late Maritime Woodland Period Dwelling Feature from Nova Scotia’s South Shore: Evidence for Patterned Use of Domestic

Space.  Archaeology of Eastern North America 40:1–25.

Other Articles & Encyclopedia Entries (Reviewed by Editorial Boards):

2016     Fable, J., W. Farley, and M.G. Hrynick   Mean Ceramic Dating and Historic Period Occupation at the Devil’s Head Site, Calais,  Maine. Maine Archaeological Society Bulletin 56(1):1–15 .

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Book Reviews:

2017     Hrynick, M.G.  Review of Unsettling Mobility: Mediating Mi’kmaw Sovereignty in Post-contact Nova Scotia by Michelle A. Lelièvre. Canadian Journal of Archaeology 41(2):343–346.

2015     Hrynick, M.G. Review of History in the Making: The Archaeology of the Eastern Subarctic by Donald H. Holly Jr. Canadian Journal of Archaeology 39(1):152–155.