Violent Men and Fathering Study

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The proposed research will focus on men who are violent towards their partners and their role as fathers.  The team will look at both how abusive men perceive the violent situation as well as how the counsellors working with the abusers interpret the situation.

Research objectives

This is an action-oriented research project that is comprised of three phases.

The first phase is exploratory in nature.  It aims at understanding abusers’ perceptions in regards to their role as a father and whether or not the treatment intervention program received had influenced this role.

From men’s perspective, the research seeks to:

  • Outline how the abusers perceive their use of violent behaviours in the family (towards their partner and their children);
  • Understand how the abusers perceive the relationship with their children and which factors have an influence on this relationship;
  • Understand the abusers’ perception of the impact of treatment in the management of their violent behaviour and their relationship with their children.

The second phase will examine the counsellors’ perceptions when intervening with violent partners, in the context of domestic violence.

The third phase will be to produce an intervention guide on fathering in the context of domestic violence.

For more information contact one of the team members.

Research Team Members

  • Chantal Bourassa, Professor, School of Social Work, Université de Moncton (Team Coordinator)
  • Katreena Scott, Associate Professor, Clinical Psychologist, University of Toronto. In partnership with Empathic Life Solutions situated in Moncton  (Team Member)