Creating Peaceful Learning Environments


The goal of the team is to assist schools in "creating peaceful learning environments." The team works in several school districts with self-identified schools dedicated to exploring options in creating favourable climates with their students, staff, and communities.

Action Plan:

Members of the team have contributed to several initiatives of the Centre.  As resources for the research activities of the Intersecting Sites of Violence in Girls Lives research and the Dating Violence Prevention Provincial Strategy Team as well as pursuing youth stress reactivity research. Their work to date has had a significant impact on the research of the teams and they continue to highlight the importance of gender sensitive implementations of violence prevention work with youth. The stress reactivity research is on ongoing. Implications will be of significance for schools’ violence interventions and international youth resiliency work.

Members of this team created a video and training handbook for intervention facilitators entitled Worlds Apart…, Coming Together (Part I: She said, he said; Part II: Together we can).

Peaceful Environment


The research team has:

  • developed and evaluated implementations of conflict resolution training for teachers, peer helpers, and peer mediation;
  • developed and evaluated playground pals programmes, social skills development, and anger management for students from kindergarten to grade twelve;
  • conducted an intensive evaluation of its programmes and wrote a major review with ensuing recommendations;
  • disseminated these recommendation to government, to school districts, and to participating schools themselves;
  • completed a collaboration with the Department of Health and Community Services in conducting an assessment of the 'readiness for the transition to school' of the kindergarten children in the schools in which it works. This study is a baseline initiative, out of which recommendations were developed as to how the government's Early Childhood Initiatives might effectively be enhanced to support pre-schoolers' readiness for the transition to school;
  • developed a programme of developmental research into the emotional reactivity (particularly anger) in students and incarcerated youth;
  • collaborated to develop and implement a research initiative to examine single-sex versus integrated delivery of violence prevention fora in urban and rural communities.

Team Members

  • Ann Cameron, (Team Coordinator) UNB, UBC
  • Wendy Fraser, Minto-Chipman School District
  • Anne Hunt, UNB Honorary Research Associate
    (former UNB student)
  • Linda Perrin, Saint John, NB
  • Stacey McKay, Fredericton, NB (former UNB student)
  • Jennifer O'Leary, Saint John, NB (former UNB student)
  • Sombat Tapany, Thailand
  • Toupey Luft, Thompson ivers University, BC
  • Kang Lee, U of Toronto (former UNB student)
  • Neringa Kubiliene, PhD Student, UBC
  • Dana Dmytro, MA, UBC student

Conference Presentations

  • McKay, S.L., Nanayakkara, D., Ruttle, P., Flett, R., & Cameron, C.A. (March 2006). Adolescent coping responses to psychosocial stress. Poster presented at Society for Research on Adolescence Biennial Meeting. San Francisco CA.
  • Didkowski, N., & Cameron, C.A. (June, 2005). Cultural variations on theories of thriving. In Pathways to Resilience: An International Conference. Halifax, Canada.
  • Cameron, C.A. (June, 2005). Converging methods for investigating youth resilience in diverse cultures. In Pathways to Resilience: An International Conference. Halifax, Canada.
  • McKay, S.L., Jackson,L. Ruttle, P., Flett, R., Nanayakkara, D., & Cameron, C.A. (May 2005). The Frustration Social Stressor for Adolescent (FSS-A): A new experimental stress procedure.  Poster presented at Biennial Meetings of Society for Research in Child Development, Atlanta, GA.

Articles and Book Chapters

  • Ungar, M., Clark, S.E., Kwong, W-m., Makhnach, A., & Cameron, C.A. (in press). Studying resilience across cultures. Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work.
  • Cameron, C.A., Tapanya, S. & Gillen, J. (in press). Swings, hammocks, and rocking chairs as secure bases during A Day in the Life in diverse cultures.  Child and Youth Care Forum.