Baseline Study

Domestic Homicide in New Brunswick (1999-2008)

In February 2010, the provincial government of New Brunswick established a domestic violence death review committee. At the same time MMFC took the lead on a baseline study of domestic homicide in New Brunswick for the period 1999-2008. Carmen Gill is conducting a baseline study on domestic homicide in New Brunswick. The work started in June 2010. In July 2010 Carmen invited Lucia Tramonte, department of sociology, UNB, to be involved on the development of two databases on domestic homicide. Carmen presented on the Death review model in New Brunswick at the 2nd Annual Canadian Domestic Homicide Prevention Conference. Homefront and University of Calgary: Calgary: June 2010. The project coordinator completed work on the study on October 28 2010. Carmen was part of a panel discussion on domestic homicide at the Research Day 2010, in November, presenting preliminary findings on cases in New Brunswick. Carmen Gill met with Greg Forestell, Chief Coroner, and Brian Brown, Deputy Chief Coroner to discuss the format of the document in preparation and how to present findings. Carmen presented the databases on victims and perpetrators and explained the various elements compiled on each case. James Dunbar, UNB sociology student, is cleaning the databases before submission to the Coroner’s office.

Final Report - Published 2012

For more information, contact one of the research team members.

Research Team Members

  • Dr. Carmen Gill, Director, MMFC (Principal Investigator)
  • James Dunbar, Research Assistant, UNB
  • Lucia Tramonte, Consultant, UNB
  • Lanette Ruff, MMFC (Project Coordinator)
  • Greg Forestell, NB Chief Coroner