Transitions of Women in Abusive Relationships

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The goal of the team was to identify and enhance the conditions and resources that will facilitate the transition of women from abusive relationships to violence free contexts.

The research team:

  • Held a Two Day Workshop for Crisis Intervenors: Increasing Understanding and Abilities to Work with Abuse Myths, in collaboration with the NB Coalition of Transition Houses. The aim of the research was to determine the effectiveness of the workshop in enhancing the acquisition of new knowledge and the identification of needed changes in service delivery. The evaluative element included both qualitative (focus groups) and quantitative components (pre and post measures using psychometric scales). Completion of the quantitative component is summarized in A. Morrison=s Honours thesis. Transcription of the qualitative information was completed by the middle of the summer 1998. Initial results were presented at the 16th Qualitative Analysis Conference '99: Social Processes in an Interdisciplinary Perspective.
  • Presented at a Brown Bag Discussion organized by the Centre.
  • Presented separate aspects of their findings to the Qualitative Analysis Conference
  • completed a summary report during the summer 2000 which contains invaluable insights regarding collaborative research methodologies;
  • participated in the Centre’s book entitled “Understanding Abuse: Partnering for Change”, in contributing a chapter.

Coordinator: Carmen Poulin
458-7800 or e-mail