Tantramar Family Violence Research Team

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The Tantramar Family Violence Research Team is comprised of community and university researchers and representatives from Sackville Memorial Hospital and the Tantramar Caring Community Committee (which includes local service providers, police and organizations that respond to abused women in the Sackville area). The Team’s goal is to develop collaborative family violence interventions, particularly for abused rural women using health services in the Tantramar region, based on research in the community on the perceived needs and gaps in services and resources for abused women. The Team received funding from the Community Mobilization Program for Phase I and II. The research component of this action project combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Accomplishments to date include the development of research ethics proposals specifically for the University of New Brunswick, the Departments of Sociology and Psychology, and the Sackville Memorial Hospital, as well as an extensive literature review and annotated bibliography which profiles the available research and reports on health services responses to family violence. The Team shared this impressive document with the Tantramar Caring Community Committee to help them in their efforts to identify promising community-based responses to woman abuse and deliver public education initiatives. The Team is commencing focus groups and quantitative data collection this year, and the findings will become a catalyst for community reflection and action on issues of family violence intervention and prevention.

To date, funding for Phase I ($15,700) of this project was received from the National Crime Prevention Centre through the Community Mobilization Program. The sum of $20,000 was awarded for Phase II of this project by the same funder.

Research Team Coordinators

Team Members

  • Catherine Johnston, family physician
  • June Kerry, Sackville Memorial Hospital
  • Sue King-Darby, Tantramar Caring Communities Committee.