Management and Treatment of Sex Offenders

In 1995 the Centre was asked by the N.B. Department of the Solicitor General and Corrections Canada if it would be willing to undertake research about the characteristics of the sex offender population which was presently incarcerated in provincial and federal institutions in New Brunswick, to the end of improving services to these offenders and preventing them more effectively from re-offending. The Centre responded by establishing a potential research team on The Management and Treatment of Sex Offenders.

This initiative became a project of the Centre in January of 1996, contracts were signed with the Solicitor General and Corrections Canada, and the team's work was completed in December 1996. Team members include Sandra Byers (University of New Brunswick), Roland Crooks (Mount Allison University), Brian Mackin (NB Dept. of Solicitor General), Gayle MacDonald (St. Thomas University), Greg MacDonald (NB Community Mental Health Services), Raymonde Marcoux-Galarneau (Correctional Services Canada), Cheryl Renaud (graduate student, UNB), Brenda Thomas (NB Dept. of Solicitor General), Brian Thompson (NB Community Mental Health Services), Pamela Yates (Correctional Services Canada). Brian Mackin replaced Doug Naish as a team member representing the NB Dept. of Solicitor General, and Joan Hollett resigned from the team in 1996.

The objectives of the project were:

  1. to determine the incidence of prosecuted sex offences in New Brunswick relative to other criminal offences in New Brunswick and relative to sex offences in other Canadian provinces.
  2. to provide census information on convicted sex offenders in New Brunswick.
  3. to describe the psycho-social characteristics of sex offenders, with the specific purpose of developing management and treatment recommendations.
  4. to identify the number of sex offenders who have received treatment related to their offences and to describe the types of services received.
  5. to collect baseline data to be used in future research designed to assess recidivism.
  6. to apply to the New Brunswick context the findings from available literature reviews regarding the assessment, treatment and management of sex offenders.

A total of $55,000.00 in grants was received to make the project possible.

In 1997, a report was submitted to the Solicitor General and Correctional Services Canada. The NB Department of the Solicitor General is in the process of implementing the team's recommendations. At the end of 1998, the team, which had not been active for a year, was considering its future.