The Evaluation of the Workplace and Family Violence Toolkit Project

This was the evaluative study on the effectiveness of the Family Violence – It’s Your Business: A Workplace Toolkit on improving the lives of employees who are impacted by family violence when it spills over into the workplace and creating a safer, healthier workplace. It was qualitative research.  The data helped to determine the scope and nature of the effectiveness of the Toolkit.

Specifically the objectives of the research evaluation were:

  • To assess whether the workplaces have become safer and more respectful environments as the result of using the Toolkit.
  • To evaluate whether the Toolkit  expanded the awareness and preparedness of employers and employees  to deal with victims of family violence;
  • To evaluate the response of employees, managers, employers and union members in the workplace, and service providers working in the area of family violence, to the workplace violence prevention initiatives proposed in the Toolkit;
  • To determine the kinds of polices, practices and programs that were implemented as a result of using the Toolkit;
  • To identify the processes that were used to successfully introduce elements of the Toolkit and set these out as “best practices” that can be shared with other businesses interested in using the Toolkit.

Four focus groups were conducted – 3 Anglophone and 1 Francophone; and 18 key informants were interviewed – 12 Anglophone and 6 Francophone.

Research Coordinators:

  • Rina Arseneault, Associate Director, Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research
  • Deborah Doherty, Executive Director, Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick

Project Coordinator - Marian Hernandez

Student Research Assistant: Darcy Elliot & Melanie Gallant

This evaluative research was possible with the help of The Atlantic Evaluation Group Inc.

View the final report of the Evaluation.

La version française sera disponible sous peu.

Committee Members:

  • Anthony Knight, Fredericton Chamber of Commerce
  • Carolyn Wood,  Strategic Services CEBD
  • Deborah Lacelle, NB Public Employees Association
  • Diane Morrison, River Valley Health
  • Eva LeBlanc,  Victim Services / Public Safety
  • Karen LaRose, NB Power Holding Corporate Human
  • Lindsay Manuel, Chimo Helpline
  • Sherry Wilkins, Fredericton High School
  • Therese Murray, MMFF