Conjunction of domestic violence and maltreatment of children: Intervention and effects on family relationships

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This research project was entitled Social models of child welfare practitioners with respect to the conjunction of domestic violence and maltreatment: comparative study of New Brunswick and Quebec.

There were two components to the project. The first was exploratory in nature and was designed to determine social models of child welfare practitioners in New Brunswick and their attitudes toward the conjunction of domestic violence and maltreatment of children in the cases assigned to them under subsection 31(1) of the Family Services Act.

By analyzing the workers’ comments, the team intended to examine the logic of action and the issues and dilemmas they faced in domestic violence and its coexistence with maltreatment.

The second component was to carry out a comparative analysis of Quebec and New Brunswick with regard to the social models of workers in the connection between domestic violence and maltreatment.

The result of the first phase of research has been publish in:

Bourassa, C.; Lavergne, C.; Damant, D.; Lessard, G.; Turcotte, P. (sous presse). Awareness and Detection of the Co-occurrence of Interparental Violence and Child Abuse :Child Welfare Worker's Perspective. Children and Youth Services.

Also part of this research project was a study on Mothering and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). This study looked at difficulties and positive experiences of mothers affected by IPV.

For more information on this project, please contact the Coordinator of the team - Chantal Bourassa at

Research Team Coordinator:

Research Team

  • Chantal Lavergne, Criminology, U de Montréal,
  • Dominique Damant, Co-Director Cri-viff
  • Rina Arseneault,  Associate Director, FVRC
  • Elda Savoie, Director of the Centre for the Prevention of Family Violence, Kent County, N.B,
  • Sandy Scott-Thibodeau, Protection worker
  • Patricia Melanson, Child Protection Worker
  • Gaëtane Thériault, Child Protection Worker

* The team hopes to include more members in the near future.