NB Family Violence and Workplace Committee

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The New Brunswick Family Violence and the Workplace Committee is led by the MMFC. The committee originally came together in response to research indicating that many organizations lack appropriate training and education on how family violence issues affect workplace environments, and how stressful workplace situation are often catalysts for violence in the home.

Family Violence and The Workplace Toolkit

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toolkitThe impact of family violence reaches far beyond the home, it has a negative impact on the workplace as well. The NB Family Violence and Workplace Committee, funded by the National Crime Prevention Strategy and the committee, has launched a bilingual toolkit to assist employers, unions, and employees dealing with family violence and its impact in the workplace. The purpose of this Toolkit is to help New Brunswick businesses take action to address family violence and its impact on the workplace. It can be used in large and small business, rural or urban work places, and across all sectors.

Specifically, the objectives of the Workplace Toolkit are:

  • To educate and raise awareness of the need for early intervention in situations where family violence may have an impact on the workplace
  • To develop practical, flexible training tools that will help employers deal with the impact of family violence on the workplace
  • To strengthen the relationship between business and community
  • To promote practices, policies, and procedures that support victims of family violence in the workplace
  • To help create safer and healthier work environments
  • To support businesses large and small in meeting their social responsibility to prevent family violence from spilling over into the workplace

The toolkit is a resource of best practices and programs that has the potential to reach beyond the individual who is experiencing violence. The information on employee awareness workshops, training and workplace safety is designed to support all members of an organization in raising awareness and making connections to community resources.

The toolkit is available online or in hard copy by contacting the MMFC. There has also been evaluative research conducted on the toolkit.

If you would like more information about this project or would like to have a presentation at your place of work or in your community, contact Lindsay Manual, Research & Planning Officer, Violence Prevention Officer, Executive Council Office, Women's Issues Branch, (506) 453-7977.

Members of the NB Family Violence and the Workplace Committee

  • Fredericton Chamber of Commerce
  • Susie Proulx-Daigle, NB Public Employees Association
  • Lindsay Manuel, Executive Council Office, Women's Issues Branch, Coordinator
  • Rina Arseneault, MMFC
  • Therese Murray, MMFF