Understanding the Impact of Intimate Partner Violence

Helping Police Officers to Better Intervene

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The MMFC in partnership with the Fredericton Police Force developed training for police officers intervening in situations of intimate partner violence.

Intervening in situations of intimate partner violence is one of the most difficult aspects of policing and police officers are often the first members of the law enforcement system to be encountered by victims. Successful interventions rely on effective practices. This training provides police officers with a better understanding of the dynamics of intimate partner violence, such as what it is, why it occurs, the process of ending abuse, and the impact that it has on the lives of individuals (victims, abusers, and children). The training examines police officers intervention from receiving a 911 call, to charging and assessing the risk of lethal violence, to report writing. The training also focuses on how police officers are impacted by their interventions.

This training is intended to support those who are in a position to train police officers about the dynamics of and effective response to intimate partner violence. It is organized in a train-the-trainer design. Organizing the training in this format means that once police officers have taken the training, they will have the tools to train others in their workplace. In this manual police officers will find training support materials and a workshop guide that have been created to help them to develop and to deliver their own workshops.

Training Registration

Training is available in English or French. Registration is done through the College of Extended Learning.

For more information on the training program, contact the  MMFC or College of Extended Learning.