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Putting Ourselves Back Together Again


Sunflower Cupboard
The Telling
Sleeping Secrets
Sunflower Cupboard - by Peggy Holt
Fibreglass, spray acrylic, newspaper, flour and water, barbed wire, measure tape
The Telling 1996
Acrylic on canvas
Sleeping Secrets 1996  - Anonymous
Fibreglass, flannel and acrylic blankets, paste
This cupboard was the result of several workshops on family violence. People placed sheltered thoughts in these drawers. Peggy says sheltered because until now they have not been shared, but today, we are opening these drawers to let the sunshine in.
This painting was created after supporting a young woman who had to go to court to testify against her foster-father, a religious minister. Peggy and some other women from a healing circle took turns sitting in the court to support the young woman who had to describe every detail of the abuse. Peggy painted this work one evening after returning home from court. Peggy painted this with a fork..
There are three women in the healing circle who sleep wrapped in a blanket. This is a result of childhood abuse. In discussions surrounding the rendering of this piece, several women noted the importance of binding the feet and legs to keep the perpetrator out.
Face on a Wall
1996 Face on a Wall - by Peggy Holt
As a child, Peggy spent many hours in an alley beside her home reading and thinking. Only as an adult has she realized why alleys tend to feel like secure non-threatening places. This work reflects time she has spent in alleyways considering her own childhood abuse.



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