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Putting Ourselves Back Together Again


Armour 1
International Womens' Day Panel
Armour - by Doris Roach 1996
Fibreglass, spray acrylic, newspaper, flour and water, barbed wire, measure tape
Armour #1 - Fredericton Healing Circle 1996
International Womens' Day Panel 1993
When we began talking about the idea of armour which protects us from abuse, Doris said that her extra weight was a kind of armour. She said, “Women are always trying to ‘measure up’ to society’s image of who and what we are supposed to be, do and look like. Weight can act as a shield to protect us from the outside world.”
This piece of armour represents things women use to protect themselves from abuse. It has been suggested it looks like “the mess women’s lives can be.” The piece was formed from clothes of survivors. The fabric cut and braided while discussing in the circle. Some women in the group considered music, religion, humour, alcoholism, drugs, gambling, and sex all as kinds of armour. If you look closely, you may see yourself represented.
This work was painted by volunteers from various Fredericton Agencies including the Rape Crisis Center, Transition House, Mental Health, and several Women's Healing Circles.
Living in my Head
Disassociation - Anonymous 1996
Bureau drawer, barbies, mirrors
Living in My Head - Anonymous 1996
Barbie doll in swimsuit on block of wood
Dysfunction - by Peggy Holt 1994
Chair, acrylic paint
The ritual began and I was forced to repeat; “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.” When I was being sexually abused by my perpetrator, I would leave my body and float up to the ceiling to be safe, so I would not feel pain. While on the ceiling, I could only witness the abuse happening, like it was happening to someone else, no, not to me. I could not feel anything, my body was numb. It was only during flashbacks as an adult, that I understood why my body memories made my legs to numb.
When I was four years old, I was sexually abused by an older man, in the lake, while I was learning to swim. On this day I had a bathing suit like this with the frill. From this day on, I climbed out of my disgusting body into my head and intellectualized for years. That is why she removed the head of the doll and placed it beside the body. She said once she was abused, it was difficult to feel and have relationships I became the high academic achiever.
This is a chair from Peggy Holt’s childhood. It was broken apart with an axe and put back together in a non-functional way to represent dysfunction in families.




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