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Putting Ourselves Back Together Again


Cigar Box
Negative Tapes
Cigar Box - by Susan 1994
Negative Tapes - Fredericton Healing Circle 1996
Tree stump, tape, shells, paper, mask, computer components
Poems by women who suffered childhood abuse. She wrote these poems as a way of putting closure to this part of her life.
Represent’s Susan’s abuse at the hands of a man who smoked cigars. She said cigar smoke made her sick to her stomach.
This piece represents the escape from abuse by staying in the head (intellectualizing), the seeds of doubt planted by abusive encounters, and negative tapes that replay in our heads automatically as a result of many forms of abuse.
Coffee Table
Baby Crib
Wrapped Manniquin
Coffee Table - by Various Child Participants in a Workshop
Baby Crib - by Peggy Holt
Mixed media
Wrapped Mannequin
This is an old coffee table painted in a workshop with 9 – 12 year old children who were in a community where several children had been molested. One child said that “It is kind of like a prison when you’ve been molested.” The idea has been incorporated into the work.
This piece represents the fact that children who are molested in their beds before they have speech remember this.
This was wrapped by a group of women who realized they all had been molested in their own beds. The women still sleep wrapped in blankets.




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