On the Line - Kids Speak through Art

(Conséquence de la violence: Les enfants parlent par les moyens artistiques)

During the Research Day 2008, participants could visualize an emotionally-moving display of over 130 pieces of artwork by Fredericton elementary school students, reflecting their experience and understanding of violence.   The art was displayed using a clothesline motif, inspired by “The Clothesline Project” an initiative begun in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in 1990, to raise awareness about the issue of violence against women.

The concept of using the clothesline as a medium was fitting since doing the laundry has always been considered women’s work. Also, in the days of close-knit neighborhoods, women often exchanged information over backyard fences while hanging their clothes out to dry.

The result was remarkable – each picture tells a story in its own unique way, and the impact of violence on children comes through clearly, leaving no doubt that it is time for us to listen to the voices of our children. (View a PDF presentation of the art.)

Les voix des enfants ont été présente durant la Rencontre 2008 par l'entremise d'une galerie de desseins d’enfants intitulé «Conséquence de la violence : Les enfants parlent par les moyens artistiques.»  Visionner un fichier PDF de l'art.