From Outside UNB

Transfer Students from Outside UNB

The Faculty of Arts at UNBF (UNB Fredericton) welcomes students from other post-secondary institutions who are interested in transferring to UNBF to study in the BA Program.  Your first step is to apply to UNBF.  Admission applications are available at the Registrar’s Office in Sir Howard Douglas Hall and online at the following link   When you apply, have your previous institution(s) send your official transcript(s) directly to the Registrar’s Office at UNBF.

To be admissible to UNBF, you must be eligible for re-admission to the post-secondary institution you last attended.  Admission to the BA Program at UNBF does not guarantee enrolment in any specific courses or Majors/Honours programs.

Course descriptions for courses taken at your previous institution may be requested for transfer credit assessment.  The courses you have successfully completed at your previous institution are reviewed in the Dean of Arts Office in accordance with Faculty policies and, where appropriate, in consultation with Faculty members.   The Registrar’s Office in Fredericton will notify you regarding acceptance into the BA Program and the number of transfer credits you have been awarded.  To find out whether courses that you are taking, or plan to take, have previously been given transfer credit at UNB click on the following link

Transfer Credits

Whether or not credit will be given for courses taken at your previous institution depends to some extent on what you plan to do in your BA at UNBF, but there are a few guidelines.   Up to 12ch of non-Arts/Science courses such as Education and Engineering will be considered for transfer to the BA.  Typically transfer credit is given only for courses where a grade of C or better was earned, but depending on your BA Program, courses for which you received a grade of C-  or D may be considered for electives.

There are limits to the number of transfer credits that can be transferred. No more than 50 per cent of transfer credits may be used toward your BA program and no more than 50 per cent of transfer credits may be used towards the upper level courses required for your Major/Honours program or Minor.

Courses from your previous institution with no direct equivalent to courses at UNB may transfer as “unassigned” credit.  Unassigned credit is granted in cases where the content of a course is appropriate for a specific discipline in the Faculty but does not have an exact equivalent.  Unassigned credits may be considered for Majors or Honours programs with the approval of the relevant departmental Advisor.

The BA Program at UNBF

To graduate with a BA from UNBF, you must complete the diversity requirements of Year 1 and Year 2 and you need to complete a minimum of 120ch of which 51ch must be advanced level courses.  Advanced level courses in the Faculty of Arts are courses at the 3000/4000/5000 level.  To graduate with a BA from UNBF, you must Major or Honour in one or two disciplines.  A Major or an Honours program constitutes a concentration of courses in one or two disciplines.  Students typically begin this concentration in one or two disciplines in the final 60ch of the degree.  In some disciplines students must begin in their first year with foundation courses for the Major or Honours program.  For further information about specific Majors, Honours and Minors programs click on the relevant link below.

Until you are settled into your BA Program at UNBF, your Faculty Advisor is Dr. D. Johnston, Coordinator of Student Services in the Faculty of Arts.  Questions about transferring, program requirements, and registration should be directed to Dr. Linda McNutt (