Internal Transfer

Transfer from another degree program to the BA

The Faculty of Arts at UNBF (UNB Fredericton) welcomes students from other Faculties who are interested in transferring to the BA Program at UNBF.  Your first step is to apply to transfer to the BA Program at UNBF, and to do this, you must complete a Transfer Request form.  This form is available at the Registrar’s Office in Sir Howard Douglas Hall and online at the following link

Students already registered or previously registered in a program at UNB are not required to submit official transcripts from UNB. Your record to date will be assessed by the Registrar in consultation with the relevant members of the Faculty of Arts.  If the transfer is accepted, the Registrar’s Office will advise you of your status in the BA Program and the credit hours permitted towards the BA.

The BA Program at UNBF

To graduate with a BA from UNBF, you must complete the diversity requirements of Year 1 and Year 2, and complete a minimum of 120ch of which 51ch must be advanced-level courses.  Advanced level courses in the Faculty of Arts are courses at the 3000/4000/5000 level. 

As well, to graduate with a BA from UNBF, you must complete a Major or Honours program in one or two disciplines.  A Major or an Honours program constitutes a concentration of courses in one or two disciplines.  Students typically begin this concentration in one or two disciplines in the final 60ch of the degree.  In some disciplines students must begin in their first year with foundation courses for the Major or Honours program.  For further information about specific Majors, Honours and Minors program click on the relevant link below.

Until you are settled into your BA Program at UNB, your Faculty Advisor is Dr. D. Johnston, Coordinator of Student Services in the Faculty of Arts.  Questions about transferring, program requirements, and registration should be directed to Dr. Linda McNutt (